The next day I went back to the Charlotte YMCA, showing my new membership card and asking for directions to the swimming pool locker room. Upon entering the locker room I noticed it wasn't very busy that day and there were just a couple of guys sharing the large room with me, one guy was drying off after showering and another was like me undressing to take a shower before entering the pool. I quickly ******** off my clothes and carried my towel to the shower area and picked out a shower head from the many that adorned the walls. The showers were in one big room with a passageway that led out from them onto the pool deck. I stood under the warm spray and soaped up and as a did the other guy that had been in the locker room with me entered the showers and stood across from me. He looked slightly younger than I, maybe a late teen or early 20s, a slight young man with crew cut blonde hair and a great tan. As he turned around I glanced down past his pecs to his long but skinny penis, I guessed he hung about 3 to 4" about an inch longer than my own. I looked up at his face and saw quickly that he had noticed me checking him out, my heart skipped a beat but I needn't have worried because he suddenly broke into a warm smile and said "it's ok, I checked yours out too" I laughed and told him there wasn't that much to look at on me. He turned off his shower and started to dry off with his towel which had been hung on the hook next to mine. I followed suit and we stood together for a few minutes chatted while we dried.

He noticed my British accent and asked where I was from, I told him Birmingham and we chattered about the difference in the weather etc. While doing this we began to make our way through the showers again and out into the pool area.

The facility wasn't very busy, maybe 20 or so boys and men in the pool. I walked down the steps into the shallow end and began a slow steady crawl stroke and proceeded to swim a few laps. After doing about 5 laps I rested in the shallows and took in the scene. A few young teens were splashing around me and the young man I had chatted to in the shower sat on the side of the pool a few feet away. We continued our chat and I found out his name was Sean, he was a student at a local college and he came here about three days a week to work out, swim and take in the steam room. As he sat talking to me I noticed he had few inhibitions and was sat with his legs wide apart putting his **** at my face level and only about a foot away.
I remarked to him that there was nothing like this in the UK and that nude swimming wouldn't be allowed back home. He said he really enjoyed the feeling of swimming nude and winking said "the sights are nice too"
With that our conversation ended and he stood and walked towards the locker room informing me hd was going for a steam. I swam a few more laps and then got into a conversation with an older guy who had been stationed in the UK in his time in the army.

The whole atmosphere was relaxing and laid back with guys of all ages enjoying the freedom of being able to be free of clothes. There was every age group represented from young tots with their fathers to the preteen boys that ran around the pool with their tiny ***** bouncing to the teens with their pubic hair and growing genitals and finally the older guys whose balls hung so low it looked painful. I had enjoyed my time at the pool and decided I would check out the steam room before leaving so off I went back to the showers.

To be continued
Limeyx100 Limeyx100
Aug 18, 2014