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I was in my first year at high school,we had pe lessons one week and swimming lessons the next, we were having our first swimming lesson i was excited and was going into the pool changing rooms when i went into my sports bag i was shocked to find my mother had packed my pe kit and towel instead of my swimming trunks ,i had already ******** off and was now naked in front of everyone ,my friend then said are you going in nude after thinking i said yes remembering the school rule that no swimwear was equal to nude swim ,i put on a brave face with a few cruel comments being passed, i went to the pool area and waited for permission to enter the water once in the pool i began to enjoy the feeling of warm water over my naked body.
When i went home that night, i explained to my mother what happened at school and asked if she would please only pack a towel for swimming lessons to take away the temptation of wearing trunks ,i swam all the time nude at school after that day and swam nude at a inter school swim competition with 300 spectators of both sexes and different ages including six of my own family.
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i went to the YMCA from about 6 years old to learn swimming with my brother who was 4, I was delighted when we arrived with our mother to find out everyone in the pool was naked ,my brother was shocked and said he did not want to swim my mother told him he was and she had to ***** him near the pool ,i was naked in no time and we were taken to the far end of the pool with about six or seven other boys of mixed ages all learning to swim ,my mother stopped and watched with other parents from a small seated area on one side of the pool , other boys were in the pool swimming with a couple catching the watchers eyes ,two boys about 18 were doing the backstroke and both had their penises above water level while swimming, i have a very tiny penis so i was pleased to keep down in the water with just my bottom showing with i practised the leg movements while holding on to the hand rail, happy days i could write loads about my YMCA days ,i learned to swim and only stopped going at 16v when i started work.

We had a pool and my brothers and our guy friends always swam nude. All of our parents were OK with it and saw us naked a lot. In the winter, we used the YMCA pool where nudity was the rule and no swim trunks were allowed. It was all OK and we liked it.

sorry replied to your comments about YMCA but failed to add on to your comments so it appears above, great to hear from someone with the same experience.

Great story!

In England in 1972, the naked swims stopped in about1977/78 in my day only odd ones went naked but i was confident and never needed trunks.

What country was this in? I find it hard to believe that today they would allow a nude competitor infront of mix gender spectators.

My FIRST group nude swimming, well outside of family, was at the YMCA. No suits allowed at first, then when we moved to the NEW building, suits optional. I also, ALWAYS told my mom not to pack a suit, as it was a wet mess to deal with. I think my mom was shocked that i was so open about it, but she also admired my lack of shyness. When i got to school swim classes, it was a breeze... LOL

I hated swimming naked in front of a bunch of other guys. It was ridiculous to me that we could not wear trunks. The girls wore suits. I think this was a perversion on the part of male teachers in the sixties.

It was the rule in NYC for male students to swim nude in PE up until sometime in the 1960's. Some schools that were all male (Brooklyn Tech comes to mind) continued the practice a little longer. Eventually PE classes were made CO-ED and the practice ended. I went to Lincoln HS in Brooklyn and while the PE dept. recommended to the male students not to bother with swim suits, they allowed you to bring your own (which almost everyone did). The same 'rule' about having to skinny-dip if you forgot your swim suit applied, but it was never enforced. I never did learn to swim until I was in college so I didn't really enjoy having to take swim class in HS. I wanted to learn, but the teachers were hung up on trying to turn out Olympians rather than just getting a student to enjoy the water and be able to propel himself across the pool, even if he used poor form and kept his head out of the water (as I still mostly do!). I vaguely remember going into the pool without my suit once as a personal experiment and was turned off having to sit bare-*** on a cold wooden bench while the teacher took attendance before letting us into the pool. Once in the water I was fine with it.

While in college a ham-radio club friend of mine who was on his HS swim team gave me swim lessons at the JCC. The pool was open two nights a week for men only and about 50% of the people there swam nude. I wore a swimsuit the first time I was there, but not after that. I was more comfortable moving though the water without it. (Might have been different with Speedo's instead of boxers though).

Its really sad that the teacher concentrated on the better swimmers. That should have been something for the team. Students were supposed to learn to swim in those HS classes, but yeah we did a lot of just horsing around too.

high school, 1966-69; college 1969-74, all practices nude, all meets closed pool, no audience (no place for one, pool only had tiled walkway around it, no room for seating, no bleachers, no balcony or observation area), only coaches, assistants, male family members, NO cameras allowed - all nude. College, practices in closed practice pool all nude. Meets in speedos in full natatorium with audience seating, open to public. High school team offered weekly 'team coaching' event with jr high swim team, also closed pool all nude.


Exactly my experience in Michigan

Exactly MY experience in mid-Michigan also. What cities or counties were you guys in? I was outside of Flint, Michigan.

I was pretty much due west of you - Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area.

Back in the 60's all boys swam nude at the local boys club. All boys should be nude

Yes i agree that it would be ok up to say 13, i felt it give me great confidence and i did not mind adults or other children seeing me naked,

My experience is that per-pubescent boys usually have no concern to be naked or to be seen naked. Swimming nude is a natural extension of that.

Hi Nuddypaul, were the schools who made the boys compete nude in inter school events junior boys of 11-12 as in your case, or was it older boys also who competed nude?

Were there women and girls present as spectators during these nude swiming events?

I do remember a woman saying that as a young girl she regularly watched these nude swim meets of boys together with her mother as spectators because her brother was in one of these teams. She did mention that she did this with boys teams who were up to 12 years old at least. But I don't know if she saw older boys competing nude.

Hi Woody, from what i remember the school made all boys compete nude , i think the inter school swim was held at that school ,both sexes young and older were present as spectators , i cannot remember if all five years competed it may have been only the first years and second years ,i know about 300 spactators watched in a seated area to one side of the pool , the competition had eight schools and in my year we had six boys including myself and we did 3 events each , each heat saw the first 2 boys qualify for the final, i come fifth in the backstroke final after winning my first heat.

OK, it is an established fact hat many high schols had commpulsary nude swimming for boys up to the sixties or seventies, those which had swimpools that is.

But these were all boys only from what I gather.

Having swim meets or competitions nude in front of mixed spectators is a totally different matter. Can those who say that this happened give more information, like where this took place and how it was done. Was the nuudity compulsary or optional at such meetings?

During school swimming lessons it was boys only and at my school we only did swimming in the first year 11/12 years old, some schools did swimming in all years, one school made pupils swim nude and also compete in inter school events nude, i was the only one to swim nude for my school which was my choice,some school on the other hand insisted on trunks being worn.

Very cool experiences! I had similar ones, just that I wasn;t the only nude one in the pool.

if we could do that I'd go out for swimming !

Yes it would be nice to be able to swim nude today, at school in the early 70's lots of schools made boys swim nude in the first year at high school.

He's absolutely correct. That was the case in my Michigan high school, as I document elsewhere in this forum.

Like it or not at first, the rule was nude for PE swimming. After the first, or maybe the second time, every one had fun

I was 12 at the time, i was the only one naked from my school but another local school made all their pupils swim nude.

Hey Nuddypaul,
what country or state was this in and what year?

I am in England ,year 1972

I can believe swimming nude in boys swim class, but competing nude in front of mixed spectators?

Were you the only one to be nude during competitoms, or was it required of all boys? And up to what age?

In our school, it happened in 7th-8th-9th grades, and maybe 10th. I don't recall the cut-off. But, this would be ages 12-15, or 16 as I recall. As a result, you'd see a lot of kids go through puberty, some developing far faster and earlier than others. If anyone had NOT developed by high school, the coach would inform the school counselor and a doctor's appointment was in order. But phys ed class was nude in the pool, and SOME swim competitions were nude, but most all wore speedos there.