My Naked Swimming Lesson After School!

When I was a boy of 11 it was custom at my secondary school in England from after the Easter break until the end of term in July to have a weekly swimming lesson. As luck would have it, my class had our swimming lesson last thing on Friday afternoon. Our swimming teacher was called Miss Alan. She only taught swimming and was never that strict with us boys and girls. I actually thought she was quite pretty as teachers go. She was slim of athletic build, about 30- 35 years old with brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. She would usually take the lesson standing at the edge of the pool dressed in a blue one piece swimsuit also wearing a tracksuit top to keep her warm. Sometimes she would get into the pool to demonstrate a swimming stroke before getting out and putting her tracksuit top back on.

However, with the swimming lesson being the last lesson of the day, she was never in any hurry to end the lesson and all too often it would overrun. It was not unusual to get out of the pool until well after the home time bell had rang and by the time we got showered and dressed we were always the last kids to leave school. I hated this fact of getting out of school late and getting home about 30 minutes later than I usually would. However, I came quickly to the conclusion that if I said that I had forgot my swimming trunks, I could at least get out of school when the bell went and get home my usual time. Most kids did this at least a couple of times or so and therefore I thought I would do the same. When the next swimming lesson came around I made the excuse that I had forgotten my swimming trunks and it worked fine. I sat on the bench by the pool side watching my classmates having their swimming lesson and when the home time bell rang I was aloud to go home. The following week I made the excuse again and that was fine too! I did it a third time and I got away with it again. I was pleased with myself! However, by week four I could see Miss Alan was annoyed about this and she said that I was missing far too much swimming and she warned me not to forget my trunks again or else I will be doing the lesson in the nude! Everyone laughed and thought it was a joke. Miss Alan was sometimes fun and considered a bit of a soft touch by the kids, and I think everyone took her threat as a lighthearted joke.

When Friday’s swimming lesson came around again, I made my usual excuse expecting to get away with it, but I must say I was a little shocked when she reprimanded me for my poor memory and judgment and she told me that I was to have an hour’s detention straight after school. Dam! I thought I’m not getting home today on time and I sat on the bench by the pool side feeling quite annoyed with myself!

The swimming lesson was like usual but I was a amazed when Miss Alan actually ended the lesson early for a change! Everyone went off to get changed, but Miss Alan firmly told me to remain seated on the bench and left me alone while she went to check on the kids. While I was there the school bell rang and a few minutes after that, when I assume all my classmates had gone home, Miss Alan came back to the pool. She said that I was now going to have my swimming lesson during my detention! I was a little confused.

“But Miss.” I said. “I haven’t got my swimming trunks!”

She looked straight at me and said in a calm clear voice. “That’s right! You are going to have to do your swimming lesson in the nude!”

“What?” I said in alarm, “I thought you were joking! I’m not going to go in the pool nude!”

“Well” she said. “You have no choice in the matter. You will take your swimming lesson as I instruct you to!”

I could not believe it! “But Please Miss, could I not do it in my underpants?” I said almost in a whimper.

She looked me straight in the eye. “No you are going to do it naked! Now take off your clothes and get into the pool!”

She was so serious in her manner and in complete control that I felt compelled to obey her authority. Accepting my fate and with great reluctance I slowly removed my school uniform right in front of her placing each item on the bench. When I had got down to my underpants I stopped and hesitated for a moment. But before I could think, Miss Alan bent forward grasped hold of my underpants and casually lowered them to the floor and I instinctively stepped out. She tossed them upon my heap of clothes and told me to get into the pool. I was not far away from puberty and as every boy at that age knows, ones ‘Willy’ has a mind of its own. I could feel my ‘Little Man’ growing harder as I climbed down the ladder but when I got into the water he gave up and went soft again. Once in the water my nude swimming lesson began!

I did the usual warm up exercise, first on my front, holding onto the bar kicking my legs splashing! Then floating on my back holding the bar kicking my legs splashing! Then I did a couple of widths of the pool breast stroke and front crawl. However, because I could not do the back crawl, Miss Alan said that was what we were going to concentrate on. So for the remainder of the lesson, I spent it trying to stay afloat with the aid of a couple of floats trying to kick my way across the pool. It wasn’t long before the lapping of the water around my sensitive ‘Willy’ made him do his thing again and he sprang into life, and I got an uncontrollable stiff erection. Miss Alan stood on the side of the pool directing me and from where she stood she had a grand view of my ‘Hairless Little Man’ bobbing up and down in the water. Of that I’m sure!

It was the longest and most embarrassing swimming lesson of my life! I'm sure I must have been red all over! When it was finally over I got out of the water, my erection was still present. She let me dry myself off with her towel before I hurriedly got dressed and rushed off home. I never told anyone what happened. My parents thought I had just had an extra long swimming lesson and by the time Monday came around all my friends had forgotten about my detention so they didn’t ask any questions either.

That Friday I made sure I had my swimming trunks and attended the swimming lesson as I should. What was so odd about it was that I and Miss Alan acted as if nothing had ever happened. But I always remembered my swimming trunks after that!
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We had unisex nude swim lessons at my school

I think she handled it just right!

What a great way to learn to swim! Was she the first woman to see you naked at that age?