My First Jock Strap

When I entered Junior High in mid-Michigan, it was required that all boys take Phys Ed for both 7th and 8th grade. As this was the age when most boys began to pass through puberty, if you weren't devloping in 7th, by the end of 8th, you surely would be. I remember thinking quite clearly that the 8th grade boys all looked so much older, hairy and well-developed with public hair as well.

The uniform for gym class or phys ed was the same for all boys, and you were required to buy your outfit at the local sporting goods store. It consisted of one white tee-shirt with the school logo and identifying number, a matching pair of white gym shorts, a pair of white tennis shoes, athletic socks and an athletic supporter.
Now, you HAD to buy the white tee shirt and shorts at this store , but the shoes, socks and supporter, while available there, were not necessarily always purchased there.

I recall that all of us wore the same brand supporter, and they looked identical...rough, grayish and uncomfortable in appearance. However, the feel of a supporter is not that bad, when you get right down to it.

I recall vividly being lectured on the very first day of class, all 44 of us croweded into the locker room, and being told that we were "required to wear a supporter. Does everyone know what a supporter was?" The coach picked on up on the end of a golf putter and dangled it in front of us as he turned slowly to show the circle of boys what one was. Nobody admitted if they didn't know, and several laughed or chuckled. I'm not sure, but I think somebody asked what it was for.

In a loud voice, the coach boomed that it was for holding the testicles and penis up close to the body and out of harms way. I couldn't imagine what kind of danger they might be in, nor why we would be worried about that.  But my point was that the fabric of the supporter, while looking rough, was basically elastic and formed a pouch that slung from the groin up to the firm elastic waist band.

Except for mine.
For some reason, my mother seemed to think that the typical supporter was going to be too rough, and so she sought out and FOUND a supporter that was made out of lycra and was smooth and silky. Several of my nearby lockermates noted that I didn't have the same brand ("bicycle"?) as everyone else, but very few made any comment. And I never explained.

This was both good and bad: First, it made you stand out if you didn't have the same as everyone else, but then, none of us stood around in just our jock strap for long. In fact, you rushed to get dressed as fast as you could so no one would be able to stare at your stuff.

Second, she did have a point, that the smooth silky supporter felt rather good and didn't bind, catch or show up under your clothing. (I imagine she knew or had learned that her husband's most sensitive spot was the end of his penis, and so, reasoned that a silky or smooth fabric would be better, less irritating.) You have to admit that the oatmeal-colored standard jock strap doesn't look very inviting to a woman, now does it?

And third, by having a jock strap that nobody else had, there was NO chance of them ever getting it confused and wearing it instead of their own. This actually happened to the couple of boys who buddied up in the locker next to mine in High School. The catholic school had sent their boys to our school for a half a day, and as a result of the overcrowding, everyone had to buddy up. Fortunately, the guys ran out of catholic kids just before they got to me. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have to share such close quarters. Yuck.

Anyway, through my seventh grade, I wore this uniform for phys ed, and after frequent washings (and probably in the dryer  too) the thing had shrunk enough that it was pretty damn tight. I remember having to get my courage up enough to tell my mom that I thought I needed a larger jock strap, and without batting an eye, she accepted it. Now, why I didn't buy one myself, I don't recall, but that was how I was trained. She did the buying.

To tell you the truth, I don't recall if this fell during 8th grade or at the end of 7th, or what the replacement was, but I do recall the embarassment of having to discuss it with my mom.  She never asked why, or what was getting so large, or any of the other questions that I feared she might. She just did it.

It was 40 years later that my father died while vacationing one winter in Florida. He always wore his supporter under his swimsuit (apparantly retired men who exercise in the pool must fear erections) and had it with him while in Florida.

When he died suddenly in the hospital down there, my mother gave me his watch, wallet, toe nail clippers and athletic supporter. Don't ask me why.
His clothes were given to charity, but I suppose she thought those remaining items were personal and might mean something to me. I guess I can see that in the watch and wallet...but toe nail clippers? The jock strap really surprised me. That is such a personal item that I couldn't imagine why anyone would consider passing it along. But then, we never really discussed it. And, when she gave me these things, I wasn't going to argue any. I just accepted it.

It was a standard brand, oatmeal colored jock strap that seemed impossibly small... and I don't know how he could have worn it. It tried it on once or twice, and now, as I approach retirement age, I find I pack it on every trip to Florida or elsewhere. After all, I wouldn't want to be caught in a swimming pool with an erection now...would you?
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I remember when my dad died, my mom also had a drawer full of his stuff for me to go thru, and in there was... ta da... his jock strap. I guess women think its like some man medal. that you get as a kid and keep forever.