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Back in the late 1960’s through the early 1970’s the boys swimming classes in the junior high and senior high I attended in a Detroit suburb were nude.  The only exception was during Red Cross life-saving instruction when we wore speedo type suites.  Once the Red Cross training was completed, we had the option of swimming nude or wearing the suits.  If I remember correctly, a few boys continued to wear a swimsuit, but only for a few days, after which they also went back to swimming nude.  Also, the boys intramural swim meets were nude. 

One of the rationals given for the nude swimming was the often heard pool filter problem.  But, if this was the case, why did the girls swim wearing tank suits which had vastly more material than the boys tiny speedo type suits?

As for the penises, only one of the boys I saw throughout five years of nude swim classes, and gym class showers, was uncircumcised.  Also, one boy that was one of girls favorites, had the most curved (to the left) penis imaginable.  It looked like it curved 90 degrees.  One fellow had pubic hair a few years ahead of the rest of us, yet he was the same age.  Overall, the size of the boy had nothing to do with the size of his penis.

Erections were few and far between.  I remember once while we were lined up, hearing one boy remark that so-and-so had a *****.  Of course we had to look.  I also remember while laying on our backs practicing the backstroke I started to get hard.  Since everybody was looking at the ceiling, and it was against my belly and not sticking straight up, it went unnoticed, and then receded.  

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OH yes, we had those occasions when a spontaneous erection took over, but for the most part all of us were just a bit aroused or completely deflated, which in many ways seemed worse. I also did the Swim team and the classes nude in HS, strangely the Jr High team was not allowed to swim naked for practice, but lots of them did ***** off the speedos and swim some before they got dressed. Great times, I lived in Saginaw where at that time the Y also allowed nude swimming.