We Swing And Love To Watch Each Other

My wife and I became swingers several years ago. My wife is younger than I, fit, attractive and she is also bisexual and was before we ever met, her first real sexual experience was with a woman in fact. It was almost on a lark that we decided to go to our first swinger’s party, but we did. This is not just some story, its fact, there are more swingers in there 30, 40s and 50s out there than people know and it’s not so hard to find them in your area. We found the people there to be very open, friendly and welcoming. Soon after that my wife and I became involved with another couple, we really enjoyed their company and we swapped the very first night we met them. My wife and the other wife started it all off by kissing and going down on each other then they turned attention toward the husbands. I was so turned on to see my otherwise shy wife, go down on another man to hear her bring another man to the point of *******. She was going down on his huge **** like an expert and she was relishing every inch of him, he was in fact hung better than I.  Soon she was bent over and getting ****** from behind doggie style and was moaning and screaming in ways I hadn’t heard before; she came over and over that night. It was such a turn on and later I asked her why she got so turned on and she said that the combination of having another man doing her while I watched, while she also watched me ******* another woman, She said it was such a turn on she just couldn’t help but ****** over and over. Later we swung separately in separate rooms which was also a big turn on. Over the years we have met many couples we have enjoyed; my wife and I have had **********, foursomes, and moresomes.  I’ve just watched her go down on other men, sometime while I do her from behind and it’s always such a turn on. My wife is shy and proper in public, but behind closed doors she likes to be slutty and she can handle numerous men and still be ready for more. She also likes at the end of the evening for me to do her one last time, no matter how many other men she has been with, I don’t mind its how we stay connected so yes I’ve had sloppy 4ths or 5ths, but I’m always the last of the night.

funrider funrider
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2010