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For something differernt in otherwise boring and bland weddings, have the parties switch gender roles. It sure would be interesting to see the male wear the dress while the female wore pants. As you can see from my avatar, this is what it could be like. Even boys can dress up in a satin dress and be a bridesmaid. They would look really great in them. Tuxes are too hot and scratchy, satin dresses are cool and comfortable. Weddings would be much more exciting and different if this were to be done. So give it some thought. Don't limit yourselves to the same old blah weddings. Spice it up a bit. Switch.
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i never thought about this idea before, but it sounds exciting. who knows... sounds more like it will happen more all the time, with the feminine movement gaining popularity.

As I have posted elsewhere on this website, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be my friend's bridesmaid. I treated it as a day out with a difference. It did not scare me, and I did what I was asked to do. My wife of 14 years have since suggested that we renew our vows in 2014 with me as the bride instead, I am privilege to accept the challenge. There is no fantasy or jealousy, merely that she felt we are mature enough to accept equality and diversity at the same note. For me it is not the material of clothing, rather the role that comes with the dress to accept and a day to enjoy differently. Trust me that being a male bridesmaid in a strappy dress in front of 95 guests (male and female) was not easy though I am 5ft 5 and skinny, let alone standing in heels for a full day with a long thick wig that is not mine own hair plus hiding my wallet in a clutch bag. You have to go with the works not just the dress.

I am glad you and your wife agree to retake your vows. Have fun at the wedding, let your wife remove your "GARTER" belt and toss it to the bachlorettesat your reception.

Hi Melodie 13

My dress arrived yesterday, and it fits well with all the nice underwear. shoes and all. Love the garter will be a surprise for my wife. Our bridesmaid are also ready, they received their dresses and my jewellery gifts. 28 Jan we will rewed, all set to go now. I am nervous but I am ready to play my part as the bride - in front of 84 signed guests.

Hi Melodie13

Our wedding renewal will go ahead January 2014. Got my mid champagne off shoulder dress on order.

I love your idea of the man wearing a wedding dress. I would love to be married in a wedding dress with my SO wearing a tux or pants suit. I dream of being the housewife and doing all the house work and cooking, wearing dresses and letting her be the dominant one.

That is such a wonderful idea. I bet a lot of girls here would like to do that.

Today so many roles are being reversed because women seem to be seeking higher education than men, moving women into the more powerful higher paying jobs. In addition, women are having no problem taking command of the households, driving and so many other traditional male roles. This is resulting in men taking on more of the supportive roles including cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and raising the children. As these role reversals are more and more acceptable, weddings assuming the role planned in a relationship would be far more interesting and honest.<br />
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I would love a wedding with the guy wearing the traditional wedding dress and all appropriate other items walking down the isle as the bride to meet and be wed to the gal wearing the traditional tux as the groom, and the guy taking the gal's name upon marriage. To make the wedding even more interesting, the wedding party would be a mix of some guys and some gals being bridesmaids wearing bridesmaid dresses, and some guys and gals being groomsmen wearing traditional tuxes. It would be a true, exciting, happy wedding celebrating how the marriage will be lived out, and I believe would start the marriage out healthier and happier.

what a nice idea. i like it too.

just love the idea... love it !!

Interesting experience, Melodie !<br />
After I had met my first wife we often discussed such a role reversed wedding ceremony. For some time it had even been a mandatory condition to marry me. So we made plans for it. But in the end resigned because of the disturbances it would cause in our families, with friends and relatives. I regretted it for lifetime.<br />
Also in my second marriage we didnĀ“t dare it, although my wife was very tolerant and helpful with my feminine side, while wearing the pants herself. Becoming our cute and obedient housewife at home 24/7 from next summer, I am still dreaming of some kind of a second, symbolic marriage, a wedding ceremony with me in a beautiful bridal gown and her wearing the tux. And me taking her last name in the marriage. I am not sure if I can seduce her to go for it, but I know I will never give up the idea.

pettigirlMonika, I love your comments that are so wonderful. How fortunate that you've had 2 supportive sharing and caring women in your life. As I suggested previously have you considered a private get-a-way marriage ceremony with only your trusted friends in attendance if you feel the need to have guests. I do so hope the day will come when we males will have the full equality that women now enjoy. That would include what we wear as well. Just as the gals now wear our male things without any criticisms or difficulties. I my opinion the gals are welcome to our yucky male things and I'll gladly take their lovely feminine silky satiny lingerie, nightgowns and dresses any time!!

Yes, this is a re-affirmation of your wedding. The vows state for better or worse, in sickness and health and everything in between.
I support re-affirmations and you and your wife should do it as you deem fit for you two. Don't let others beliefs influence your decision, go for it. God bless and the lord keep your union.

i'll definately vote for ...and drink to that berta cd

good idea and hope when i get married i would do that . but what would parents and guests say if it happened . there is so many wedding shops that have so many lovely dresses and i keep saying to myself how i wish to try one of them on

People are looking ways to make their weddings more memorable. These range from skydiving to well under the ocean. The swapping of traditional dress is also being done. The guys need to be fitted for their dresses just as the bride and bridesmaids (females) do. If a boy is going to be a flowergirl, he too needs to have a matching dress. The women wear the men's tuxes, if a girl is going to be the ringbearer she too needs a suit as well. The ones I attended for security (off Duty cop) went very well and the people enjoyed themselves.

I'm with you Georg Girl. If guests are a concern you could just have a private ceremony with those you trust in attendance.

Oh Melodie how I wish I might come back to live in a time when such as you describe would be possible! Your thoughts are so right on!