And What?

I swear, a lot. I have been a swearer since I was 15. I feel like the alternative words don't quite cut it, darn it. Swear words are as much a part of me as my sense of humor. My swearing took a significant rise twice, once after I became a news reading adult, lots to say "What the ****?" to at least and the second time is after my husband went military, not sure if it's military culture or just a byproduct of being around lots of men all day but we both swear like sailors now. My daughter used a swear word the other day and I couldn't bring myself to correct her because it was so appropriate. We were having our first ever Sweet potato pie. this is a confection from heaven, we were eating and she says "This is damn good pie!". Yes, baby, it is Damn good Pie.
omgseriously omgseriously
36-40, F
May 9, 2012