My Friend Literally Asks Me To Call Someone A Naughty Word

I don't know how it started. I think it was frustration that caused me to curse. It became a habit, one I want to break. Then I'd start cursing whenever I hurt myself(you should've been there when a heavy shoe box lid crashed down on my middle finger). I curse out my own parents occasionally(but only in my mind, and when it seriously legit). And now there are so many (#2 producer)-holes in the world that I can't seem to stop cursing.

My friend is religious, and he says that cursing will get you sent to hell. I really tried to stop, but as I said^^...

But now he'll actually ask me to call someone a name...a very naughty one

I've also came up with the phrase: "Oh I am f(iretr)ucked", which I usually use during hard assignments...or guitar class
PantsAreTylersBathroom PantsAreTylersBathroom
22-25, M
May 16, 2012