Gym Class.

I was in gym class one day and we were playing baseball. It was my turn to go up to bat and the first pitch I swung and missed. The the second one I did the same. The third pitch came and I ended up striking out. As I was setting the bat down I yelled "damn it!" The gym teacher told me to do 20 push ups. I of course said no. Once the inning was out when my team was in the feild, we went back up to bat. Once it go to my turn, the gym teacher said "no swearing this time." I was like "I'm sorry but I have a swearing problem, ****!" then he just looked at me. After that, I finally went to hit the damn ball, and of course I missed. After I missed, I kind of jumped around like a little kid and yelled "son of a *****!" The teacher yelled at me again but I didn't care. I thought it was actually pretty funny.
Kellygreen712 Kellygreen712
18-21, F
May 18, 2012