The Saga of Willie a Funny Tale

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My Freind Willy! The saga continues

  Let me set the stage. I live in a tiny country town population like 35 on a good day. We have a tavern and a gas station. And its so quiet ya can hear the coyotes farttin up on the bluff at night. Now I'm sitting here at home nekkid eatin cheetos and watchin cartoons on the tube at around 9:30 this mornin decidin what ta do with my day and theres a knock on my door. So I holler who iz it? Kinda pissed cause somebody was messin with my nakked cheeto eattin cartoon watchin time. Its the sherriff they reply. (cheetos go flying ganja under the chair hide the gun sittin on the table and throw on some shorts and a shirt! Down the stairs I go to answer the door for the man. I open the door and I'm standing there face to face with 3 mind ya not one but 3 cops with thier glocks aimed right at my forhead. Now I aint one ta run from a good gunfight but a coupla things come to mind in this situation right away. First off there was 3 of them second of all I had just thrown my piece under the sofa and was feelin a might naked at that point. So I opted for plan B and said whoa boyz I'm unarmed and threw my hands up. No **** true story. Glad I had taken a shower lest I offend the boyz. Now I dont know about you but first I was a touch concerned about why 3 cops were at my door at 9:30 in da morning with their **** drawn! Kinda takes da starch out of your shorts for a minute or two. Well anyway they ask me my name and for once I thought might not be a good time for messing around with em so I gave them my right name. Well seems wasnt me they was after anyway and so they commenced ta asking me a bunch of questions about the boy that lives downstairs from me. Seems somebody with a caddilac just like his same plates and all had just robbed the bank down the road. No **** I says to the friendlier of the 3. Willy(thats the guys name down stairs) a bank robber no way! **** the poor guy has one foot in the grave from his 2 year vacation in nam. ya know agent orange and all. He is on oxygen 24 hours a day and has a laundry list of ailments longer than a horses ******. Seems willy had given some black gal a ride home and along the way they stopped at the bank and the gal went in and robbed it! no **** I aint believing this either. But I was beleiving the iron in my face at my door. And these guys didnt have much of a sense of humor about stuff at all. Well off they go to find my buddy Willy from down stairs and sumbitch if he didnt happen to come pullin up right as they were leaving. In the gettaway car! lmfao! By the time I got fully dressed and humped my butt out there ta see the takedown they had 12 count them 12 freakin cops around his car screaming at willy to freeze! now willy I dont think knew anything about his passenger robbing the bank cause willy just aint up for that kinda stuff trust me. Well they get willy out of the car and throw him down and cuff him the whole time acourse willy is shittin all over himself with fear. Now I'm trying to holler at the cops to take it kinda easy on willy cause he aint well and they told me too shut the hell up and git back in the house. well I aint that smart. I walk about ten feet and stood my ground ta witness whatever it was that they had in mind for my buddy willy. well their next move was to put willy in da car and question him. In the process willy informs them that oh by the way there is a piece under the drivers seat and no its not registered or no he doesnt have a permit. Opps! That piece has been under his seat for like 20 years or at least as long as he has had that caddy. Cops pulled it out and it had so much rust on it I dont think it would fire anyway lol! Even the cops was laughing. One told me they would probably drop that charge if willy could clear himself lol! Well the saga continues but i dont have any more particulars right now cause they hauled willy and his car off to the hooscow. I'll post the end of this saga or at least an update as it happens lmao. I'm shakin my head cause I know i'm still waitin for the punchline but its all true and funny as hell too me. Now I'm sure my buddie willy aint laughin right now. I'm fixxin ta call down and see if I need to bail him out or what. Hopefully he can talk his way out of it but I'm a touch worried on this one.



Well boyz and gurlz we went down and got willy out of jail and got the true story from him on what the hell was up with this Bank robbery bullshit(read my last post if ya dont know what I'm talking about). Seems some chick had called Willy up last night and ask him for a ride to the doctor. Now Willy is about the kindest soul you'll ever meet so he says sure darlin I can do that. Well he picks the dame up and takes her to the doctor. As hez takin her home She asks him ta stop at the bank so she can cash a check. Of course willy says sure why not. Follow along cause this gets better. She goes in the bank and Willy shuts the car off and waits. While hez waiting he relizes that the old caddy aint been starting to well lately and he probably shouldnt have shut it off. Well as luck would have it she popped right off this time. Only happens about once in 20 tries but it did. Now of course as this saga is unfolding this would appear to a layman or the cops like a gettaway vehicle running and waiting. Ok so now Willy is patiently waiting for the gal to come out of the bank. she calmly comes out of the bank like nothings goin on gits in the car and they leave. While he was sitting waiting Willy relizes he is kinda late for an appointment himself so he leaves in kind of a hurry and takes the gal home. No **** is this unreal or what? Well on the way home the chick offers Willy 10 bucks for gas to which willy bein the kind sort he is declines the offer. Well she leaves the money laying on the seat and as she is exiting the car Willy picks it up and gives it back to her. Ok now we got Willies prints on the bank money! Now keep in mind Willy has been very ill and out of work for quite a while so why would he turn down gas money from somebody he was playin taxi for? Well as luck would have it a bunch of the bros had gotten together last weekend and had a bit of a fundraiser to help old willy pay his bills. They raised upwards of 600 bucks and of course when Willy was picked up by the cops you guessed it he was carrying a large sum of money. If bad luck was rain Willy's *** woulda needed a freakin boat on monday! If I didnt know him I would say this whole story is bullshit but it aint gang I swear to you its 100% real and it did happen. I was there! Now the bad side of this whole gig is willy is lookin down the barrel at a ten year stretch for conspiracy. They let him out cause the poor bastards health is so bad and I think they kinda believe him when he says he had no idea what this chick was up to. They did give him a felony citation for conspiracy that he has to deal with. I took him over to his lawyers tonight so thats where we're at in the saga right now. Guess the b**ch that put him in this situation lawyered up right away shez been here before so she aint talkin. Sad thing is so far she aint cleared Willy by tellin the truth. Will she? Your guess is as good as mine but if shez a snake enough to do what she did to him she wont help him now. We can only hope cause my old buddy Willy sure dont deserve this  nor does he need it right now while hez kinda dying a slow death from serving his country. As funny and nutty as this whole thing went down its a perfect example of how a bunch of seemingly normal events can put ya in the greybar hotel for a mighty long time. Who the hell do ya trust nowadays thats my question cause anybody that would do that to somebody like Willy I'd just as soon take out back of the shed and put a bullet in their damn head! All the poor bastard wanted to do was help somebody. All right I'm gittin wound up again so I'm gonna put it on the shelf for tonight. Will update ya'll as I find it out! Do me a favor would ya? Lets keep old Willy in our thoughts and prayers and hope for the best!


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