I Do Solemly Swear.....

I will never EVER wear Granny panties so long as I live and breathe.

I do wear the occasional High leg brief from Victoria's Secret but they are hardly Granny!! I like my body by Victoria hiphuggers and joe boxer bikini :-) as well as the low cut panties  that make it so they aren't seen in some of my pants.

Let this be a sworn document.......and please if I am ever in your care unconscious.....GOD please let them know these are my panty wishes :-)


MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

LMAO!!!! 100% cotton.....nice!

OMGosh they arent comfy. I like the Victoria's Secret high leg brief they are NOT granny like at all in my opinion. Those are nice but that is as far as I would ever go for comfort. Otherwise its hiphuggers and boyshorts for me......

I'm thinking the brief that is usually white.....hanes brand, that covers your a$$ and your complete hips from top of the thigh to the belly button......<br />
<br />

ok so me and my gf (my gf and I?), anyway we had this conversation on what constitutes an granny panty? In these days of heightened sexuality and boundries being pushed, what do you consider a grann?