It's a Visual Thing

My husband folds the laundry.  The last thing I want him to do is pick up a pair of panties that look like something Omar the Tent Maker made.  I want him to pick up lovely, lacey, sexy, little things that make the chore enjoyable and bring a smile to his face!

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Good to know, Coyote. Good to know! The diaper thing is something I will never understand, nor do I care to.

Nope. Not here. You'll get outed every time. It's all in writing, you know.

That wasn't nice said you'd keep a secret...and I only wore them skiing....geeeesh...<br />
Is there no privacy?

Just for your information, glance to the right at the ads. You can find out all you need to know about wearing women's panties.

Mine are the little ones. Talk to LunarPanda and frito about the others.

Good idea. No sense getting your undies in a bunch...

And what does that say about Mr. Lilt? :P

But mice are small...

I've already got some, thanks. I'll sit in my regular EP attire if you don't mind.<br />
Hey, Lilt. Mr. Lilt likes Mickey, right? I'm getting a crazy visual right now. I'm thinking "Trouser Mouse".

Not to worry. You already know I bring my own towel. You are welcome to join me in summer attire if you wish. <br />
<br />
Iced tea for you, Malbec for me. Need some sunscreen?

He really doesn't care, as long as they have a Disney character.

It's a tad early. I'll stick with my iced tea but I'd love the company! Please, put a towel down before you sit.

I bet he looks silly in them. Does he wear silk, satin, or cotton?

Oh thank you My.....<br />
<br />
I have both a Pinot on ice and I have just opened a malbec. Want some?

No, Mr. Lilt likes the panties that fold into 2x2 inch squares.

Next time Pinot Grigio it is....I like it too. How about you time it's wine.<br />
Yup, otherwise I would have frozen my butt...I used to fall a lot.LOL cross country and I was always falling.<br />
Let's ask Lil about the panties?<br />
Grannies Lil?

Oh, No, ono. No need to turn away. I don't even own a pair.

Why just then? Did they warm your buns? I won't tell anyone. By the way, Lilt likes Pinot Grigio. I wonder if she wears granny panties?

I am having a bad, bad dream of Myonis in Grannies Panties right now. And Granny is not happy about it either. <br />
<br />
Shakes head and turns away in disbelief.

Lilt gave me the beer. Good for her. Join us Myonis108.<br />
Myonis, no granny panties for me...well maybe when I used to go cross country skiing....don's tell please.

Seriously? I did not see that. I think she hid it in her granny panties.

Seriously? I did not see that. I think she hid it in her granny panties.

Frito has beer.

Noop, laughing so hard... I have a stitch in my side. Wanna join me in the vault?

Oops, sorry. Did I slam the vault door on your foot?

Yup and proud of it.<br />
Heheheheheh<br />
oh gotta hurts.

Perhaps we should slam the door and lock her in.

Frito has been hitting the EP vault today.

LunarPanda cracked me up with her comments. Glad we made your day!

Oh I'm just finding this gem in June.<br />
Can't leave a comment because I'm<br />
laughing so hard...Myonis108 between you and Lunarpander I can't stop laughing. Made my day.

JJ, as always you are so right! **Myo takes a bow**

I think you're a hoot, LunarPanda. Anyone with a sense of humor about this like you have deserves anything she darn well pleases. If it was me in your place, I would just fold the laundry myself! =)

I guess there is NO empathy at all for us Old Grannys that have to wear those panties! LOL Being of the oldest generation and more than slightly plump, I guess I am doomed to this mode of apparel. Even when I was younger and thinner, Ihad no luck. I received a lovely green satin bra and low rise panties as a birthday gift one time. The bra gouged huge wounds in mu underarm areas from the underwires and I felt like I was about to lose my drawers every time I wore the panties! When thongs became popular, I actually bought some to try. YIKES! That had to be the worst means of torture ever devised since chastity belts! I guess you can't teach an Old Lady new underwear. So mock and laugh behind my back, you young whippersnappers! At least I'm comfortable. Snort!

You're welcome, ballz. It's my pleasure all the way around, for sure!

He folds the laundry because of the nerve damage in my hand. It's painful for me to do it because of the way I have to grasp things, like tiny, pretty panties. He saves himself from the complaining he'd hear and he gets the benefits of the visuals. <br />
Drew, that no skid policy should be strictly enforced no matter what kind of u-trou the guy is wearing! <br />
mewold, sorry, friend, but some things are better left unseen. And you would NEVER be allowed to sit down in my home!

I have solved the problem of what kind of underwear by becomming a nudest. That seems like the easy way our.

ROFL Kitten!! Yes, Indeed.. that in itself is something to take note of..<BR><BR>He can wear the tighty whities only while folding the laundry, but there would be a Strict NO SKID POLICY.<BR><BR>I think we should all go to the anonymous confessions and tell if / when / the last time we wore these atrocities of textiles... and WHY.. For heavens sake, is there ever a good reason for these?<BR>(assuming like me, you don't want to admit it here before gawd and everybody)...

Go ahead. Say it! Say it! No anonymity required. <br />
That has me thinking, which in itself is dangerous... I think every guy who wears tighty whities should go straight to the confessional and fess up.

HA HA on the ******** Convention BettyB :) <BR><BR>and HERE HERE on the nixation of the tighty whities... <BR><BR>I like the way you look at underwear Myo.... and how you look IN underwear as well, but that's better reserved for the anonymous confession board... ahem.. just saying.

Those little minds are spinning madly, I'm sure. <br />
The worst tighty whities are the grayed dingy ones that are all bagged out with runners in them, and the elastic waistband has those little stringy things poking out. And no, they were never found in my house!

Too funny. Atleast he was wearing them I suppose.

My nieces come for Christmas (yes, the daughters of the aforementioned BIL). Enough to give any grown man grey hair. <br />
<br />
And I agree about the strippers convention. I usually have to send a box of clothes to them by UPS from what is left behind. And no, not a single pair of Grannies in the lot. <br />
<br />
I have had to stop them from stripping in front of my son now that he is nine. We find him each year cuddled up in the middle of these three girls, or lounging quietly on the bed while the girls get dressed, undressed, and redressed again.

I think men should swear never to wear tighty whities. Those are heinous on anybody bigger than a little guy, and even then they should have super heroes or cartoons on them.

Boys come with their own unique irritants.

Oh.. he ONLY has a son. Ha ha. Wait until he starts taking hour long showers FIVE TIME A DAY.<br />
<br />
Just saying.. I don't want to go there.

No problem. We're tiny women. She always wore small undies. Even if they were granny panties, they'd be pretty small compared to some of the massive tents I've seen in the stores!

Do I want to ask if Mom disliked Grannypannys as well?

We got such a laugh out of that for years. He was mortified, but he was a funny, funny man. And he was not a fan of granny panties, either.

Ha!!!!!<br />
<br />
My, that is wonderful. And I am certain you do. <br />
<br />
(this is why I am glad I have a son. I have only one P.... to worry about, not an entire world filled with them.)

Drew, if you wanted to touche my arse......<br />
<br />
Or were you calling me an arse, touche'?<br />
<br />
I know, you were offering your nude arse.<br />
<br />
I best quit, I am just making a donkey out of myself.

Oh, I'll tell it here. My mom and dad were standing at the pool and he said, "That girl standing over there has a really nice butt!" to which she flatly replied, "Matthew, that's your daughter." Yeah, he was ruined and for more than just weeks.

my 'nude' arse.. touche'<br />
<br />
i bet he felt all creepy after that.

OH, please, send it, even privately. You could not offend me my dear My. Oh my oh my oh my.

I was typing a rather lengthy response to your comment but deleted it because it just sounded so bad. Your BIL story made me think of it. I'm still laughing!

Glad I could add a smile to such a fine ladies evening.

What a great story! That made me laugh.

Drew, <br />
<br />
A true tale it is. He has many funny stories, but that one was very appropriate for this. By the way, you forgot the N in ROFLMNAO

ROFLMAO at that one nudie.. oh my.

That's awesome Myo...<br />
<br />
I love the no granny rule... hehe

My, you are wonderful. And as a husband that does the laundry, I applaud your desire and protection of his sensibilities. <br />
<br />
My BIL was doing the laundry one day, he picked up a pair of skimpy thongs, and held it up to his wife "Wow, Hun, I am sure these look great on you, care to show me?", to which she replied "Those belong to your daughter." Ruined him for weeks.

yuck. spew. granny panties are THE WORST.<br />
no way would I ever risk my man finding a stray pair run off with his sock... nope.