A month or two ago when I went to the ER, I ended up having a procedure done. I had one female nurse, two male nurses, one male doctor, and one male surgeon. They all saw me without my shirt and pants. Which is why I will never wear granny panties. I mean, my nice undergarments were the only thing I had going for me to make it a little less embarrassing.

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Welll, I don't really have that willy issue, as far as I am aware.

I find granny panties most comfortable, my willy does not fall out of them, hang what other people think,

When you're pregnant, you can wear whatever you want. I think that's a law or something.

I think I wore those when I was in the hospital. I had C-section.

Oh my god... That's horrible.

Well, I didn't even have a chance to change... I just had to go. Otherwise, I do the same thing... And yeah, they don't care. But it's about how I feel, not them...

Probably doesn't even matter to them since they seen it all and so often too.