Do I Ever!

For some reason, I have always sweated the small things in life. I have read numerous self-help books to find ways to change this habit, but none of them have worked. I went on anxiety pills in September and they have been helping for the most part, but I still get those moments when I worry about every little thing.

This weekend happened to be one ( or should I say many) of those moments. I was visiting my boyfriend and his family. His mom was discussing what to do with his dog because he will be coming straight from his vacation to my house on New Year's Eve and my dad does not want dogs staying in the house overnight (we do not have any pets). I got very anixous and started crying about it because I felt like it was my fault even thought they both assured me it wasn't. They are going to put the dog in a kennel where three of his sister's good friends work, but I just can't imagine the dog there all scared and alone. 

This weekend was also my first time meeting his sister. To make a long story short, she was in a very bad mood when she came home and I was worried that it was my fault and that she did not like me because I was there when she was in a bad mood. A little while later, my boyfriend and I were eating lunch and he saw that she had bought a two liter bottle of Coke, so he asked if we could have some. She said no, she was using it to mix with alcohol and she didn't want it wasted on two cups. I had no clue how to really take that so of course I sweated it.

When will I ever stop?

dancer2011 dancer2011
18-21, F
Dec 22, 2008