I Sweat All The Time

This is a really huge problem to me which ruins my life. I sweat all the time, except when I'm home alone - that's the only time when I feel normal. I believe my sweating is caused by my nervousness, I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety. Sweating limits my choice of clothes. Basically I can only wear black or striped clothes, or something that is thick enough and doesn't show sweat. I feel pretty desperate, I know I should overcome my social anxiety but no matter how much I try I can't help myself.
Does someone have the same problem as I do? Any advices?
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I have the SAME problem I also think I have social anxiety and I sweat SO much when I'm around people, but not when I'm home or with my family. The only clothes that I can wear are sports sweatshirts with a certain kind of material and I found that I was sweating so much that it showed through my hoodies! I need help so badly with this! Can u help me? Cause I don't know what to do! I've tried to get stronger deodorant but that didn't work at all!! My parents won't let me get any clinically approved deodorant, but i don't know why they won't! I can't drive myself so I can't buy it myself. They have no Idea how much I sweat! Should I talk to my doctor I just don't know what to do!!!:(

ive had the same problem threw highschool and collage. it was so bad to the point where id skip out on classes and miss important things. and once i even feel myself start to sweat it all goes downhlll from there. if i had to run to class, after PE, or even just ona warmer day i would start to get hot, then id get nervous because i knew if i started to sweat that i couldnt stop. id use paper towels to dab my forehead and try to dry my hairl. i always thought people thought i was weird or wonderd why i was sweating so much. eveyone esle in the class look fine and i got big wet marks on the fromt and back of my shirt with drops rolling down my face. how embarasinigg! ive herd girls behind me talkinig about it before and that made me sweat 10xs more. all the time id be leaving to go to the bathroom to try and dry myself off. but even if i did, by the time i got back to the classroom id be nervous again and start sweating again. the more i thought about it and the wetter i got. id try focusing really hard on not thinkinig about it and that seemed to be the only thing to help. but very rarely could i pull that one off. i dont know if its just my nerves or i have something wrong with me. and i dont know how to stop it

Drysol?<br />
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Calming anxiety down a bit would help too.