All of My Life

 My mother was a swim instructor so when I was born she had me in the pool as soon as the umbilical cord came off.  I am a water child, even my star sign is water.  I could swim the length of a pool before I could walk and have always felt comfortable in water.  Swimming feel so wonderful, the water rushing past your skin, your fluid motions, the weightlessness.  Nothing is more freeing or soul cleansing.

MistressJade MistressJade
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I've got to agree.

MistressJade. Firstly I Honor your Dominance. I have a comment/question. Have you ever read about Freud"s relation of water dreams to sexual dreams? Of course he seems to relate many things to sex. Its just interesting to me that YOU being the star sign Water. I find this fascinating.

Hello MistressJade!