Our First Time, Day Two In The Evening

After we woke up from our nap, ventured out for some more food and a cocktail or two we decided check out the crowd at the fire pit again tonight. The warmth of the fire was very welcome given the rapidly cooling night, and we were enjoying flirting with another couple from Texas who were also "first timers" to the lifestyle, when our friends from earlier in the day (the girl-girl couple) strolled by and sat down with us.

They said that the wedding had been fun, but that they had quite enough family for one night and had made a quick getaway, eager to get back to the pool and their "new friends". I laughed and asked who she meant, and "Sam", the more "butch" of the two put her hand on my knee and said "well, I was thinking of you in particular". I went a little wobbly, and had the most delicious tickle in my tummy (and a bit farther south as well).

But we talked a bit more in depth about why the two of them were at this particular resort. Turned out that they had discovered it the previous year during the "Dinah Shore" golf tournament (which, I later learned, is sort of an annual pilgrimage for a set of lesbians of a certain age and income level). Since "Evye" had explained she was still bi, but didnt' want to jeaopardize her relationshiop with Sam, swinging seemed like a natural thing for them to try. (They also explained that they had recently been married in Vermont, and that this was their first trip back to swinging since their nuptuals. So, I felt extra-priveleged that they wanted to hang with us!)

Evye said that she was getting a little cold, and asked Hubs if he would like to take a dip in the pool (which was heated to something like bathtub temperatures). We all walked over toward the pool, and Sam and I snuggled up into this big chaise/reliner thing under a heat lamp as Hubs and Evye waded into the pool. Sam and I were kind of "spooning" -- she was on her back reclining, and I just sort of laid back facing the same direction, mainly so I could see what Hubs was up to. What I didn't realize was that Sam had sort of planned this, as it gaver her access to my robe belt, and my breasts and all the rest. She was very subtle, but I realized that her hands were on my belly, and that she had found out that nibbling on my earl lobes was a pretty good way to melt me into a little quivering pile of goo.

Which I became, rather quickly.

Now, I'm not sure how long this had been going on...maybe 10-15 minutes, when I finally came to my senses a bit, and wondered what had become of Hubs and Evye. I looked across the pool, and saw that the two of them were on a similar chaise, and that hubs was behind her and they were going at it doggy style --- and appeared to have been busy for a while. I did notice that Hubs gestured to another man walking by, and said something to him, but I couldn't hear what it was. The man was only wearing a towel, which quickly came off, as he positioned himself so that Evye could take him into her mouth. I was floored -- I'd never imagined something like that happening in real life. Sam must have felt my body stiffen, because she whispered in my ear that Evye must have asked Hubs to organize that, as it was one of her favorite things to do.

"Don't you feel jealous?" I asked, and she admitted that she did have occasional pangs, but she felt that it was simply something to work though. Plus, it gave her the chance to play with other women, like, say, me! I understood, but put a mental marker down as wanting to explore this further.

Right then, I heard Hubs talking to another man who had walked up (the first guy had finished), and saying surprisingly loudly "No, dude, you have to wear a condom, yes, even for oral. Her rules." Sam gave me a squeez and said that she could see that Evye was in good hands! Now, I was a little shocked by that exchange (I later learned that swingers are notorious for taking liberties with "safer sex" regimens), but Sam's roving hands (and tounge) quickly made me forget the little drama taking place on the other side of the pool.

And, at this point, I was ready for something a little more assertive than the gentle play that Sam and I had been enjoying up to this point. I asked her if she would like to come up to our room, and she slyly said yes, but let's tell them where we're going. We collected our things, and walked around the pool to give Hubs and Evye the heads up that I was heading upstairs with Evye's wife. Now, imagine this scene: There was Evye on all fours, Hubs still working away behind (I have also learned that he is exceptional in the stamina department), and Evye giving oral pleasure to a young fellow as well. I told Hubs that I was heading upstairs, and he very casually replied "Have a good time! I don't think I'll be out too late.', and Evye, bless her heart, gave Sam a "mmmhhhummm.." mouth full "see you later!"

Now, looking back, I am amazed at myself, but it seemed like the most natural, comfortable conversation at the time.

I was in a bit of a rush to go upstairs, but recognized that one of the great advantages of this place was that already being naked, there was very little time wasted between door and bed. I also came very quickly to learn that Sam knew more about pleasuring a woman than I knew existed. She is an amazing lover, and I still keep in touch with her, but she has one quirk: she won't let her lovers please her back. She alluded to some bad childhood experiences, and I haven't dug into that with her, but it was more than a little frustrating.

It was about midnight when Hubs and Evye stumbled back into the room, both wearing silly grins and looking more than a little tired. We all snuggled for a few minutes, and wondered if we should spend the night together again, but decided that Hubs and I would stay in our room, and that they would go to theirs, but that we'd meet up in the morning before checkout and make sure that we had a way to stay in touch.

Thus ended my second night of swinging. Tired as we were, hubs and I still managed one more romp together before we fell deeply asleep.
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Good question Ironguy. I had not been consciously aware of any "bi" or other similar feelings directed towards women, and to be perhaps excessively precise, I do NOT experience the same desire for females as I do for males.

Everyone is different, though I've found that most women are more open to accepting pleasure from other women than men are from men.

In my case, (and what I was trying to explain above), is that I'm what I've come to understand is called "femme" -- gay women had to have some way of describing who was the "bottom" and who was the "top" (though they don't like those words usually, unless they're kinky). So, anyway, there was a name for it. In the experience I was trying to write about, I was playing the role, instinctive for me, of the femme...the same as I would with a man. I didn't have to change any of my perspectives, aside from letting a woman "take charge".

I suppose awakening is not a bad word to describe this, but it's not "le mot juste". I will have to think on that a while.

Very nicely told stories.