Got The Tables Turned On Me!

So this is a cautionary tale to all of you in the lifestyle who might not have fully thought out a "fantasy" request, or a riposte from your Significant Other, and could just as well be titled "be careful what you ask for."

I have to go back to my first "swinging" weekend, when hubs and I hooked up with a lesbian couple (well, a bi gir/gay girl couple to be more accurate). If you read that story, you'll know that I was quite smitten (much to my own great surprise) with the "butch" member of that couple, but that didn't really challenge much -- I was still in my "femme" mode, and interacted with her pretty much the way I do with a male. Subsequently, and I really do need to blog on this a bit, I've realized that I'm what the gay girls call "femme" ie, I prefer the more submissive, receiving role, and don't like to be the "top" or "butch" one. It's just my thing.

But before I, and hubs, figured that out, we were talking about our crazy hot weekend, and were talking about fantasies. I asked him what his were, and he replied, without giving much apparent thought to the matter, that he would like to see me 'top' a girl. Now, this did not appeal to me at all, and I got a little miffed, which was not at all fair, in hindsight, as I had asked what he was interested in. I compounded hubs insouciance with my own, saying "yeah, that will happen right after I see you with a guy."

Stop. Let me back up. A bit of background is in order here. Hubs is one of those low-key very quiet, but quietly manly men. In his younger years in the army, he went through ranger school, finally getting out as a staff sergeant. After that, he was a cop for several years, and after that, taught martial arts to law enforcement and other tough guys. He's not the biggest guy you've ever seen, but he's, well, tough. I figured that I was as safe as houses with my clever riposte.

He paused, gave me The Look and asked "well, what do you want to see?". Right then, I knew I was screwed. He's just the sort of person that once there's a challenge, there's simply no stopping him. I knew that there was no point evading, or beating around the bush, or stalling, so I just came out and said that if he wanted to see me eat any *****, I first wanted too see him with a **** in his mouth.

Well, a couple of weeks later, we were sitting down to drinks with a younger couple from out of town; they were both asian, and as we were talking, the male couldn't keep his eyes off of my dear hubs. I have to admit that I was getting a bit irked with this guy making googly eyes at my man... to the extent that I really did let my end of the conversation lapse a bit. Well, after a while, we agreed to adjourn to our favorite "no tell motel". We barely got into the room when the male half of the couple grabbed hubs around the waist and planted a big kiss on his lips. I could tell that my guy was a bit taken aback but he rallied, and both she and I were just standing there, watching the guys. I realized that both of us were breathing rather heavily, and, speaking for myself, my heart was racing. O my: this was hot beyond anything that I had imagined.

Before I really knew what was happening, the guys were naked and on top of the bed; the other girl and I were still in our slinky cocktail dresses just watching the action. Hubs was on top, and slowly worked his way down the boy's smooth body; the boy twitched with every kiss, every caress. Finally, hubs took the young man's fully erect member into his mouth, and gave a surprisingly enthusiastic *******. After a couple of minutes, Hubs reached over for the lube and condoms and with a single arm, flipped the smaller guy over onto his belly. I was breathing hard as the boy arched up, pushing his *** back as hubs lubed up, and then entered him. Watching them **** was beyond description. Finally, I was surprised (no, astonished) when the other guy started to say "i'm coming", and then did, *********** onto the hotel bedspread. (Yes, you really don't want to touch those).

I later learned that a "prostate ******" is a not-uncommon result of anal intercourse between males. What can I say, I lead a sheltered life.

So, after all of that, hubs finally turns to me and says "your turn".

I looked over at the pretty asian girl, the wife of the man my hubs had just ****** silly, and I realized that I was going to have to put up, the time for shutting up being long past.

Which will be the topic of the next post!
froggycali froggycali
46-50, F
Jan 15, 2013