Saturday Night At The Hot Spot

Well this past Saturday was once again a HOT night!! We started by playing some drinking card games which ended in all of us shirtless and very drunk. Us girls got very frisky and 3 of us went upstairs for some ***** licking and strap on ******* fun. Have any of you women out there been ****** really hard with a strap on *****. OMG can you say multiple *******!! My friend and I both squirted all over the place!! It was amazing!! After that we went downstairs for some naked Twister. I did not win, but I sure enjoyed watching the two finalists bent over with ***** and ******* in the air!! Next we got our drink on some more and got in the hot tub with 3 men. I had two ***** in my hands and one in my mouth while my girls were licking each other. I straddled one of my guy friends and started riding him slow and easy while I sucked my other friends ****, and my friends started sucking and ******* my other male friend. Again can you say multiple ******* all around!!! Later on we got out and went out to the bar where we had an ****** contest. One of us girls would lay on the bar and our friends would take turns licking our *******. The person who made us *** first one us for a stout ******* in a private room. As the night, or I should say morning at that point,wound down, we went to a room and layed down. My man and I bunked with some friends of ours, a couple. Well to say the least, we didnt get any sleep. We licked and ****** her until she came, then her husband returned the favor for me while my man got blown by his wife. All in all, it was a fabulous night as always and VERY satisfying!! Well I will have another post next week. Love ya all and thanx for all the comments and likes on my posts!!
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7 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Wow. Invite me next time.

So sexy.

wow -sounds like you had a lovely time

Hot!!! Us swingers have a tendency to have a good time

County couple and proud!! Add us

I go to the wrong parties! thanks for sharing

Friends with benefits?