Initiation Into Swinging By A Travelling Dutch Couple


It was in 2003 that we were introduced to swinging and all of its joy and horniness . We actually got in touch with a lovely Dutch couple 28m24f who were traveling to Goa,India in the winter of 03. Initial contact was made through a swingers website and then we got in touch with mobile phone. More talk and we found out that they can travel to Pune where be stay for a two day trip.
We both though new to this liked the frankness and fun loving nature of the Dutch couple and agreed to host them at our house , in fact a huge bungalow with lot of privacy.
They reached Pune by a bus and we met them at a popular place German bakery(which later had the misfortune to be targeted by terrorists) .
They were carrying huge back packs which we fitted into our hatch back car and introduced ourselves. Their names were Douwe and Tonya, and they had come to India for a vacation. She was working as a librarian and he was a engineer.
We took them around Pune to various places of tourist interest and then later reached our home by evening 6 PM.
By the time we reached it was getting dark and we decided that we would go out for a pizza after they freshen up.
She had long blonde hair which she opened after she got dressed and gave a real sexy look to her ...........
We drove to ta pizza place which was a drive of about one hour, during this drive Tonya suggested that we sit with each other. So while i drove she sat with me and Douwe sat with Tanya in the back. It is slightly secluded drive from our place to the eating joint, I noticed in the rear view mirror that Tanya and Douwe were kissing, in fact kissing and exchanging a lot of mouth water. I started having a hard on right then and there.
Tonya noticed that and slowly moved her hand onto my lap and held me through my jeans. I was driving so didn't think it appropriate to kiss , but was really looking forward as i got a chance. In the back seat both of them were doing a lot of dental exploration, making us in front aroused too.
When we reached the pizza place we took a table,  but Tonya suggested we get the pizza packed into a takeaway and have it somewhere outside, while on the way back. As we came out of the town we were driving through a slope with many bushes around, though it was around 9 PM now but was reasonably bright due to it being a full moon night. We stopped the car and climbed up the slope looking for a place where we could sit enjoy the pizza. I was also lookng forward a more erotic pizza eating session.
As we sat down Tonya held my face and kissed me a fully on the mouth a long and wet kiss. Slowly we kissed more as Tanya and Douwe too were also doing the same.
We decided to have our dinner and move to a more private place like our bedroom. So we made it back to the car and drove to our place. As we reached there our maid informed us that our 5 year daughter had had her dinner and was sound asleep and she had made the guest room ready for the guests. We went inside and as the maid left, all four of us moved into the guestroom. At this time we were total novices as far as swinging was concerned, and told this to Douwe and Tonya. They were very understanding and practically coached us. Douwe suggested we start with a massage and slowly started rubbing Tanya,s shoulders, and taking off her top as he did that. Tonya too started massaging me by making me lie on my back and she mounted my from behind.
I could feel her on my back, this went on for some time, as she told me to turn around and remove my shirt I saw that she had already removed her top. I was very aroused and couldn't resist holding her nice full ****, don't know the size but they were certainly bigger that Tanya. I slowly rotated my hands on her **** and held her nipples too....

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Really lucky cpl v wish the same.

hiii indswinging to hear the other part of the story act..what abt ur goa trip along with those guys.lookforward

Hi , Will complete it in parts.
It is a true story and in fact we are searching for this particular couple .