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My husband and I have had several 3sums but this weekend we are going with another couple over to the beach with the intentions of swapping spouses..  I'm a litle nervous about this, My husband is very turned on by watching me with other men, and nver seems to have a problem with it all... I have shared several of our stories on here in MFM..

But now it's my turn to share my husband and I don't know how i'm going to fell about this watching him with another woman...the couple we are going with seems very nice... but according to her husband is very interested in all the attention being showered on her... And I can tell you right now that won't work with me... but even besides that, I love my husband and I'm very worried abot how I'm going to respond to seeing him do this.

I would love some input from other couples about their first time... and how it felt to see you husband with another woman and how you handled it.. or husbands that maybe had a hard time with this type of experience the first time you did it... Please give me some input and some advice...

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How did it go my wife and I talk about taking that step but nerves and don't know how we will feel about watching the other one

Check out some of our stories, I've described the realm of emotions from that kind of activity. I know exactly what you are going through.