My First Swing Experience

Me and my man have been in the lifestyle a bit now. But I still remember our first experience. We went to meet a couple for the first time and had decided to not do much. Well, the night progressed and they envited us back to their house. We went and after an hour of talking and having some drinks she takes me into a room to check out lingerie and what not. She suddenly says, would you mind if we did something, to which I responded no. I knew everyone was turned on. Next she says, lets do something together to get their attention. So we start making out. Anyway, one thing leads to another and we find ourselves doing oral. The guys come in and insted of going slow, we jump into it and swap immediately. You can imagine all the sex that happend after that. We have been addicted ever since.
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Good to know that.. I would prefer to have layers of inhibitions peeled off, taking more time.

I really wish I could talk my girlfriend into it.... that sounds so hott!

Sounds kinda like the wife and mines first time

Well, it was a good beginning and everybody seems to have enjoyed it...good for you

Thanks for the story

we are new to the lifestyle but it has been a blast so far. problem is finding females. men will do it all day long but i am struggling to.find a playmate.

Ill be going.for my first time as a single next weekend any advice?

I want my wife to do the same, but she is hesitant. she said she wants to try it with a woman but the thought of STD scares her.


Great story. Any follow up?

The first experience always memorable. Like ours too :) thnk for sharing the story.

Very nice story

how can i get my wife to do the same?

I'd start by playing games then maybe photo swap then soft swap

Awesome! Our first experience was similar in that we talked before saying that we would just meet....ended up in a hot tub with the other couple completely naked....all kinds of new experiences were had that night! Swinging is where its at!

That's great to hear for you all. My ex was never interested. It was only brought up a few times... and that was years ago. I've been divorced for awhile now, and have been thinking of trying to get into swinging.<br />
<br />
Got any advice for a single guy to get into it? I imagine it's a ton easier as a couple or single female.

Thanks for the invite. Too bad for me that your 3000 miles away. If you ever visit Fl, let me know. ;)

It is great fun Alexsa. You would LOVE it. It adds a lot of passion to a couples sex life. To pokerboy, yes we still do. Every other week.

It's good to read this. Me and my husband are looking into swinging but are not sure how to go about it. Think we're going to go to a swingers club and see where It leads.<br />
Glad you had a good experience and hope you still are