Club Eden

While I was visiting my good friend in Fort Lauderdale I went with him to club Eden. He had never been to one before and wanted to experience so I agreed to go. It was quite an evening. It is an optional clothing club with a building top heated pool. My friend couldn´t wait to get naked and get in the pool. We got to know several couples. He had never seen me with a woman so he got quite a taste. I was like a kid in candyland being able to explore my sexuality. While we were there we met the cutest couple and got invited back to their room. The girl seemed quite taken by my friend and she asked me if she could **** him and I gave her my blessing. She was working him up. while her partner and I started fooling around n watching. Well my friend n the girl didn´t get too far because we couldn´t find condoms. In the meantime I went down on her as her partner told me what to do. It was such a turn on. He told me I was a goodgirl. They wanted me to stay and be their toy for the night but my friend was so left out and I think that upset him. I tried involving him but they just wanted me. I was trying to teach him the various lifestyle. In the end I had a blast...very different than here in Canada. This club requires you to bring everything like booze, towels and condoms. Here they encourage safe sex and the clubs provide all that and lub as well. I told him when he comes visit we will try it out here. It was great meeting all those couples and all the breasts I got to suck and fondle.
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Yes! - One of the weaknesses of many USA swing clubs is the lack of amenities. The clubs that attract stable clientele do provide the necessities

wow that would be good