My China Doll's First *********

My girlfriend is from China.She is very beautiful and a MILF. She has cute small breasts and round full thighs with a sexy round butt and a deep sweet trimmed *****.
She loves almost all sex and is fantastic at sucking **** and licking and sucking balls.she could **** all night long and screams when she ****.
We love to watch Asian ***** videos with two Big **** men sharing a beautiful Asian girl. I asked her if she would like to try another large **** handsome white man she said OK!
I had just had my first MMF ********* with another Chinese MILF and a tall white man with a large thick **** the previous month.He loves Asian women .I showed her his photo and she happily agreed to meet him in a restaurant with me.The meeting was brief and we raced to a booked hotel room where had some drinks and conversation.
Mark and I took our showers first then China Doll took hers and put on make up etc.She also wore sexy Victoria'Secret attire when she came out of motel bathroom she was wrapped in a towel which she spun around and removed!Needless to say Mark's Big **** was rock hard!!No one was even a little shy.
She laid on the bed between Mark and I and grabbed each of our ***** and played with them making us extremely stiff.
She started saying to him your **** is so Big really BIG I want your Big **** in my ***** She has a way of rubbing the helmet top of the penis to make any man squirm with pleasure and shiver all over.
I loved watching my beautiful girlfriend rubbing another man's Big **** and I could see her ***** juice dripping from her hungry tight *****.She then moved between his legs and began to lick his huge engorged **** he couldn't believe he was watching such a beautiful woman sucking his **** while I was busy licking and swallowing her gushing sweet nectar.He picked her petite body and put her on his huge dagger and she screamed with pleasure,
I wanted to observe her being pleasured so I stopped eating her sopping ***** and as she was sitting on his big **** she held my hand and yelled out as I taught her "**** Me Harder Harder Don' tStop Don' t Stop,!,
She held my hand for a long time and rode his **** till he finally Came!,
She also sucked my **** while I stood on the bed beside her riding Mark's Big ****.Mark ******* didn't satisfy her so while I sucked her taught little nipples Mark made her *** by finger ******* for 10 minutes and Wow did she Scream!!
Mohack Mohack
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We are also very partial to Asian ladies and have had several including Chinese, Korean, Filipina and Vietnamese. We would very much enjoy having your Chinese GF to play with.