Looking For New Friends

I am a bisexual guy currently living in Bristol in the UK. I have recently got engaged to a bi lady who lives in Cornwall. I am planning to move to Cornwall in autumn 2010. I have had several experiences of swinging, mostly as an 'extra' man with couples although I have experienced a foursome with a couple and their girlfriend and I once served as a transvestite maid at a party with 9 all-bisexual couples! That was a night!

I enjoy sex just as much with women as men, either or both, although I have to say I find sex with both immensely satisfying - I think it fulfills my entire sexuality rather than one side or the other. Not that I find sex with my lover in any way less than fulfilling.

My fiancee is very keen to explore her bisexuality further than kissing and enjoying other women's breasts. She is also very keen to see me with another man - and I am keen to see her with another man. too. With every girlfriend I've ever had, I've longed to see her with another man. It turned me on incredibly when I knew my first wife had been with another man, though sadly she didn't want to share. The nearest I got was taking her as another man's *** leaked from her *****.

I am a transvestite (which my fiancee also thoroughly approves of - she buys and makes me clothes!), but this is by no means essential to my enjoyment. But I do find other TV's very horny. It isn't necessary for a TV to be incredibly 'convincing' - I just find maleness in a feminine package extremely exciting.

We would love to meet new friends, male, female and transvestite/transgendered. Guys must be bisexual, or at the very least absolutely comfortable in the knowledge that I am turned on by guys as well as girls. Women really do need to be bisexual. My fiancee is quite a large lady, so anyone who is turned off by that needn't get in touch.

I am also very keen to share experiences via this site.

I had also better mention that, following a 'massive' Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) a few years ago, I usually need a pill to get a decent hard-on. It's not Viagra, but it's something similar.

56-60, T
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Further to the above - we are now married and living happily in Cornwall. All the rest still applies!

Would love to drive down and help.