Still Looking

My wife and I have agreed in principle that we would like to swing; we're still looking for the right couple to swing with.  We're registered on a couple of websites, but so far we haven't found exactly the right people.

Maybe we're too picky; we aren't looking for anything specific in the way of appearance.  People who are slim and trim don't impress us; we're looking for people whose minds are compatible with our own.  We are looking for people who are laid-back, fun-loving, and articulate.  We're reasonably well-educated, and we find ourselves attracted to people who can string some words together in complete sentences; we think being witty and clever with words is extremely sexy.

My personal preference is for chubby women with bubbly personalities; her preference is for men with confidence as well as intellect.  We both like people who are literate and at the same time, down-to-earth.  Playful people with good minds are what we seek.

Maybe, someday, we'll meet just the right couple, and then, look out!


howler58 howler58
51-55, M
Feb 27, 2010