Swinging Dubai Style

My wife have been living in Dubai for about 5 years and have been active members of the swinging lifestyle since we arrived. We have met many wonderful people in the lifestyle here in Dubai. For the most part the people we have met are respectful and understand the ground rules of swinging and proper behavior especially at parties. Occasionaly we have ran into some people, usually men at parties that don't know what is ok and what isn't and they have been asked to leave.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions people have about attending a swinging party is that they assume everyone takes off their clothes and then they all have a massive ****. The funny thing is that at many swinging parties very few people will get naked and go off in a bedroom to play. They are great social events to get to meet like minded people and make new friends. If you are thinking about checking this out but not sure where to start I would suggest going to Swingers Date Club website sdc.com You will find many members on that site that are here in Dubai and looking forward to meeting new people. I know it is a scary step but I would encourage you to take a look if you are interested.

As a couple it can add a great deal of excitement and new passion to your sex life. I know that sounds strange but it is really one of the main reasons most couples are in the lifestyle. At the end of the day the best sex you have will always be with your partner, not someone you just met at a party. That doesn't mean it can't be fun and exciting but you will always love returning to your partner after attending a swinger party. In fact you will probably find you have some of the best sex you have ever had.

Just some of my thoughts on this topic for now. More to follow

By the way I am the husband and my wife was actually the one who was interested in pursuing the lifestyle and I went along with it, if a bit reluctantly at first.
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I'm in Dubai and love to join you both

I love your story. I also agree that men will always have the best sex with their partners, but the ladies on the other hand often have the best sex ever at the parties.

That's a useful suggestion...thank you

Thanks for that story. My husband and I have been considering this for a while and just don't know where to start. We're pretty open minded and decent. Perhaps a bit like you, he was really surprised when I admitted that I was a bit more than curious to try it out. However, we've been very cautious and nervous on how to make contact. I will check out the site you suggested with hopes that this will finally be the first step towards this goal. ^_^ Good day.

I would love to join you and your husband :-)