Family Circle

My husband and I have an open marriage and I guess I'm a hotwife since I enjoy sex with other men. We aren't really into swinging except for a period when my hubby and I were sharing with my younger sister and her husband at the time. It worked out pretty well and was fun but my sister and hubby divorced so we haven't tried swinging with others. I suppose it was an ideal arrangement since my sister was living in a house half a block away from us. We've discussed trying it again since she has a new man in her life who seems open to the idea. Recently my husband bought a house next door that was in foreclosure and we're in the process of moving her and her family into that house. Megan and I are very close and I love being able to see her and talk to her so I'm excited that she's right next door. It'll be a good arrangement for our kids. I have a one year old at home, Megan has her 21 yo daughter and baby, and Megan has a daughter who'll soon be 2 and a three month old so having help close at hand is great.
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

sounds like a great life

What a wonderful close set up!

We love your story, as you include family members in your activities, lol. You and your sister seem to have a rather young child or two. We those children by your respective hubbies or by other male partners?

Cool. Our sex is always bareback and Belinda is unprotected too, lol.