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Our First Time Swinging

My husband and I had been talking about swinging for some time. We joined and had a lot of fun chatting with couples. It took quite some time to find a real couple. Once we did we chatted with them quite a bit and used webcams a couple of times before finally meeting them. It was a wonderful experience. I think the key for us was to proceed slowly and talk a lot about it. My husband made me feel safe and comfortable the whole time, letting me and the other husband go first before he turned his attention to the wife. We both had a lot of fun and really enjoyed watching each other. If you are a wife that would like to try it, go slow and be comfortable but I highly recommend it.

trandma123 trandma123 31-35, F 6 Responses Nov 26, 2009

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hi i like your story,it reminds me about our present experience with my wife.actualy we are planing to make real our hot fantasies.we are trying to search a good trusted couple wiling to share everything trough web cam.

Just always remember you are his #1 and it's very important that you show him that he is your #1. Then talk about the experience in great detail and openess.

Like to hear your thoughts of where me and my love are.

Like to hear your thoughts of where me and my love are.

There's more to swinging than just swapping partners. My wife and I haven't got to that, yet. But the road we're on is a totally awesome erotic experience. I first suggested to my wife that we go to a swingers club because I thought we would find it a very sexy experience. She at first resisted the idea, but finally agreed after we exchanged some e-mails with people who went to the club regularly. They assured my wife that there was never any pressure.<br />
<br />
The dancing was hot. Both my wife and I enjoyed watching people dance without any inhibitions. We danced that way as well. After a couple of hours, my wife said, "let's get a room." We had a choice of a large open area that would hold a number of couples, semi-private cubicles, and private cubicles. My wife insisted on a private cubicle. We had great sex.<br />
<br />
Several months passed and my wife said,"let's go to the club again." We did. Again, and again, and again. Each time she became more bold. She loved pulling her breasts out of her top while were dancing. "Suck my nipples," she'd say. She accepted offers to dance from other men. Several times while we were dancing she let a guy fondle her breasts from behind. Eventually we were having sex in the big open space with hot, hot couples screwing their brains out.<br />
<br />
So, we have did the big swap - yet, but, boy, have we had some sexually stimulating times always ending in, "that's the best sex we've ever had."

I am a husband who would like to try swinging but I don't know how to convince my wife to try it with me. I am sure she would try it with the right couple, but it is hard to find the right couple.

hi bro,its nice to know about your problem.i already pased your stage.just continew to convince her that being a husband and wife you need to enjoy sex so that your relationship will become more sweeter and enjoy this convince her that both of yo u will be a part of this.try to discover more about sex and open her mind about sex.good luck bro.