We have a long and warm summer this year, where the children have been wearing shorts almost every day.
In that situation, it is easy to administer a punishment (the few times it has been needed) on their bare legs.
Once a switch has been cut, the switching has been administered on the bare legs without having to go through the usual trouble having them baring the children baring their behinds.
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The switch should only be used on the bottom as it has plenty of padding !

Nothing gets a child's attention better than a switched pair of legs.

You are so right, Shelley.

I agree! A switching is not soon forgotten, in the spring and summer they are easily found and it is an excellent way to handle problems immediately.

I agree and a good ***** willow bush nearby keep switches handy.

My grandparents believed in spanking bare behinds and legs.

Yes. And they sometimes chose to spank other parts of my brother and I.

They were. I feared it but also sometimes ... Well ...

How old are your kids

14, 12 and 9

That's cool

Ouch my parents don't use switches but I have a few friends whose parents do and they have no problem using it on bad girls at a sleepover as I've learned a few times

Also on your legs?

They usually do our legs prob so we get it on bare skin without pulling our PJs down

Sounds reasonable.

2nd implement I had used on me first was my kindergarten teachers paddle. My best friends dad switched 5 of us when I was 8 cause we wouldn't be quiet and we woke the baby after that we were quiet except for sobs

So he switched your bare legs?

Yeah few swipes on each of us but hard enough to set our legs on fire I swear those switches r evil every lick leaves a cut on u

Exactly. Did he switch your thighs only, or also your calves?

I'm pretty sure it was both my dad not give hitting legs with belt either he seems to think if it don't hurt for a day or two its not effective spanking I know every time I sit after a trip over my parents bed for a bare bottom lesson I'm reminded what my sassing or fighting with my sisters gets me

Don't get kme wrong though I'm for spanking Itjhink its more effective tjham these time outs or grounding how many kids gonna act up more if its just a few mins in corner or few days without TV compared to a sore bottom


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It sounds like you people enjoy spanking your children it sounds like child abuse rather than disaplen

Yes, it is either fantasy or abuse. I agree.

It actually sounds sickening to me

I'm glad that this is illegal in the UK.

Not in us though

Yeah I know. I'm sad about that. I could never do that to a child. I just couldn't.

My parents don't use a switch they use a belt but I've got it before from friends parents that do I say is one the worse cause if they hit hard enough every lick leaves a mark

Oh that sounds rough. Is it common for other people's parents to be allowed to punish like that?

Depends on the parent in my case its a few friends who go to my school and church and my parents know well and my bfs parents also have permission also sum parents let babysitters spank I've spanked a few kids in my time baysitting

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Ouuchie ! There it hurts a lot! But it is very effective

You are absolutely right on both statements!

I have been on the receiving end of this type of punishment many times. My dad makes me go outside to cut my own switch. I have to remove all of the leaves and bring it back to him. I wear shorts almost every day at home, but after I've had my legs switched I wear pants when I go out. When you switch your children's legs, how many licks do they get?

Between 5 and 20, depending on age and offence.

hope it doesn't break the skin!!

what kibd if switch do You use?


do you also inflict usual spankign?


i also had the willow. bottom and legs, pants down

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My wife and I discipline our children this way too. We keep a few switches in a flower vase in the living room. The kids wear shorts most of the time at home and they know that when they misbehave we won't hesitate to whip their legs on the spot. It only takes a few licks to bring them to tears and leaves stinging red welts on their calves and thighs.

Exactly tha way I do it - on calves and thighs.

i used to get the switch on my bare bum it cut and sting like hell

Why not on the bare butt?

I am hoping you will add me would love to be able to chat sometime.

I also like to do it this way, and as a child also got my thighs slapped a lot!
Care to add me?

Yes, LadySpank I will add you.

Thank you, Susanna!

The switch can be used inside and outside of thighs and makes children jump and scream

I use it on the back of the legs only. That is enough to do the job.

Switch is a very mean instrument of punishment, but it always works more than a better.

She may live like me were spanked bottoms is a common site and questions isn't an issue except from old busy bodies who need to mind there own business

granny brought it inside the thighs. i was always afraid she'd hit my weiner but she never did

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