When I was in high school I was at my friends, Jack's, pool with him and two girls. One of the girls got out of the pool saying she was chilly and was going to get dressed. She went into the cabanna but went in the boys room and came out after a while wearing my clothes! Everyone laughed and the other girl decided to do the same. After a while she came out wearing Jacks clothes. They dared us to put on theirs. We did. Their clothes fit us pretty well.
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It felt good and no body was humiliated. Bes day eva

That sounds awesome :)

No, I've never worn female clothing again nor have I ever wanted to!

I switched with a friend who worked overtime with no time to go home. His uniform was very sweaty and smelley and we switched everything. He was very sorry for the inconvenience but was greatly appreciated that I was near by shopping and could help.