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I Switched Bodies With A Girl

A girl I know always liked magic and stuff and wanted to see if you could switch bodies. I told her I would do it with her. It worked, but now we are stuck in each others bodies. We have tried to switch back, but it won't work.
switcher7 switcher7 22-25 5 Responses Mar 9, 2013

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So how is it like now to be your friend for a couple of years now? I'm very curious

Can you send me the spell please?

switcher7 - if you want to get back in a boys body have your gf swap us. I'd be happy to be a girl.

I'm sorry your stuck but if your friend did the spell to swap can she send it to me? I would like to do it with someone.

I would like to do that. I would be such a **** I don't think I would give the body back. I would let her **** me tho. wouldn't that be weird. like go **** yourself. OK.