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Feminine Being

Oh yes,  how I enjoy wearing pretty FEMININE clothes. I guess it really started, no it DID, start when I was 5 years old.

I remenber watch a local program on TV, called "The Susan Show." This was in the 50's and Susan wore the prettiest and most wonderful dresses, with lots and lot of petticoats. I just adored the way she would smooth her skirt before she sat, looked and sounded like something I wanted to do!

After watching the program, I was compelled or over come with the NEED to be as Girlish as possible. I would sneak into my mothers room, go into her dresser drawers and put on something FEMININE, if only for a moment.  I was caught by my mom once. I remember it well. I found a very lacy half slip, (I never knew they existed) seemed to fit me well. My mom came into the room, saw me, smiled then left.

Not really a Great story, but without embelishments, few are.

At 5------I KNEW, I wanted to wear skirts, dresses and look and feel FEMININE. I don't know why, I just did!  At 7, I knew how to attach stockings to the

to the garter tabs of a Girdle and reach behind and attach the hook eye closure of a Bra, it was just an automatic  thing, not practiced

 I just knew how to do it, it came natural.

Growing older, I found the courage to shop and buy pretty FEMININE clothes on my own. Yes, it was a little uncomfortiable at first, but after a  few heart pounding times, I managed. I shopped more than once buying Lingerie and foundation garments.

I remember the day I purchased my very first PantyGirdle. It was just the cutest, Yellow with a satin diamond front panel, 4 garters, 2 on each leg.

I then went to a stockings store and bought a pair of nylons, size 11 long,(OMG How much I remember details.)

Went to the mens room ( yes I would have just loved to be in the restroom I felt more related to.) of a department store, put on my lovely Girdle, smoothed the stockings up my legs and attached them to my garters. I threw away my boy underwear and socks.

My stockings had reinforced heel and toe and I l wore them in lieu of my boy socks.

The one thing I noticed and was quite fond of, was the fact that, the Garters from my Girdle shown thru pant legs,. as I was hoping that cute girls

and tease me about being Girly.


Oh Yeah---------when wearing a pretty full skirt over petticoats, wearing heels alone with stockings, I just get weak kneed listening to the pretty, Girly sound of the skirt caressing my legs as it sways back and forth as I swing my hips.


Love to all you Girls




carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 5 Responses May 13, 2010

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Wearing skirts and dresses is so much more fun than pants and a shirt. Especially since there are so many different types and materials and colors and patterns of skirts and dresses. Guys clothes come in four colors and are boring.

Thats what I love most about skirts and dresses too, the swish of the shirt around my legs when parading around prentending to be a girl. Another pleasant feeling is being outside in a dress and the wind blowing the skirt around my legs.

I know exactly what you mean about being overcome by your own femininity. I shall never forget the day I bought my first wig, and completed the picture. I looked in the studio mirror and saw a lovely, beautiful, feminine - me. Top to toe feminine to touch, to see, to hear and to smell.

OMG Girls, once again I've been so totally overcome by FEMININTY as I smoothed my Full Skirted Derss with russling Petticoats underneath.

love it love it love it that is so true when the dress swishes around when you walk there is nothing better, well, except when you have the dress on yourself, i feel so sexy when i get dressed up. thanks for the story