Oh Swype, You're So Funny

Holding my phone with one hand, creating words with just one finger...

I wonder what would happen if I just drew doodles in a random fashion, what would you spell? Let's find out.

Stuff (zigzag pattern)
Hydra (sideways zigzag)
Logoff (just back and forth on one route if keys)
Chadwick (circles)
Truth (I drew a smiley face without lifting my finger)

NobodySpecial NobodySpecial 41-45, M 4 Responses Jul 31, 2013

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Now make a full sentence using those words..

I would but run on sentences just aren't my style.

As soon as Hydra told the truth about her second head, Chadwick Logoff. The truth was to much to handle.

what does chadwick mean??

oh i love swype, i can swype all before me...... vroom, vroom, gibberish, autocorrect anger, vroom vroom PING

I don\'t know what Chadwick means. I\'ll ask swype... Sheetrock.

This becomes even more funny after you have trained it with lots of texts and then look what your personal auto suggestions are.
Here comes mine, starting with "I":
I listened to the breeze.
(Heh, that's close to one of my poems i published here)

I don't think.... Those are the first three words that were suggested to me... I think I hate Swype.

Haha that's hilarious.

Only you..