The Reason Behind The Japanese Quake And Other Information.

It is my personal belief that HAARP is the single biggest reason that the bible prophecies of great destructions in this time.  I don't mean to get all bible bashing, so I'll try and get to the point. 

I've done a bit of research on HAARP and thus far this is what I have found.

HAARP activity levels we're always consistently active just before a bunch of the last decade's "natural disasters."
Katrina, Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and now Japan. 

HAARP is a giant electromagnetic antenna, supposedly officially capable of 3 billion watts of power, but I believe it may be capable of much more.  And it's located in Alaska.  HAARP is not the only device of this nature, there are several around the world.  There's one in russia as well for example.  There is one in norway as well.  And there are actually a second HAARP like device, also in Alaska.  But HAARP always gets the blame on the conspiracy websites. 

HAARP is officialy an experimental device being used to run tests on the upper ionosphere, the giant electromagnetic shield that surrounds us.  It is made to emitt electromagnetic waves of all kinds of frequencies in all kinds of directions, and of varying magnitudes, into the upper atmosphere.  It can be used as a long distance communications device, as it's waves can penetrate deep into the ocean to talk to submarines.  (it can penetrate much more than that, i will explain more in a bit.)  It can also be used as a radar device, and it can be used to disable electronics equipment.  Potentially disabling enemy military's electronics and or communications devices. 

It's capable of much more than that as well. 

Like I said earlier, it's always been active during and before all of these "natural disasters" during the last decade, and likely more.  It's construction begain in '93 I believe.  It's used very frequently as a weather manipulation device.  One way that it can manipulate the weather, is it can be used to send a great ammount of electromagnetic power into the upper atmosphere above a storm.  This power is tuned to frequencies that allow the disturbed area to change in quite an abnormal way.  This affected area will allow the sun's rays to be amplified.  Manipulating this upper atmosphere in such a way, will allow the sun's natural energy to come through in great quantity, through this little hole.  It's sort of like putting a lense or magnifying glass over a storm.  Keep this up for a few days, and make sure this lens is always pointing in the right direction, and the sun's energy will focus into the storm, making the storm grow, and even guide the storm. 

The metaphor of a kid holding a magnifying glass over a bunch of ants comes to mind, only in this game, the ants are us. 
If your not already aware of the intentions of many evil sects in this world to decimate the world's populations, you are unaware of the full truth and reality of this world. 

HAARP was extremely active before and during hurricane katrina.  It was used to strenghthen and guide hurricane katrina to it's target.  Many ask why would a nation inflict damage upon itself.  This question is fundamentally not true.  A nation is not inflicting damage upon itself when HAARP harms the united states.  It is the secret government and the rich of the world that are harming the poor that they try to control, depower, and depopulate.  Again, the conspiracies are deep. 

If you look up the path of hurricane jeanne, you will see that it does a 270 degree spin, literally on a dime.  An obvious show of the power of HAARP's capabilities.  Yes, hurricanes have unpredictable patterns, but before HAARP they never spun on a dime like this. 

Now, even if you believe what I have to share thus far, many might not believe what I have to share next. 
HAARP can and does frequently trigger earthquakes.  Yes, this might be hard to believe, but let me give you several pieces of evidence.  Fistly, again, HAARP has very frequently been active before large earthquake events. There are sensors near HAARP that can tell when it is on, how strongly it is active, and they might even be able to tell what kind of frequencies it is producing, as different frequencies are used for different jobs.  Maybe an array of sensors can tell which direction the energy is headed, at least in general.  These sensors show that HAARP was active for some time before both the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, and again, HAARP was incredibly active during about a dozen hours leading up to this Japanese earthquake. 

Many do not believe that man has the capability to trigger an earthquake.  Or that only the power of a giant bomb could trigger such an event.  Unfortunatley, this is just not true.  Multiple outside sources have confirmed the ability for ultra high power electromagnetic waves of low frequency to cause earthquakes.  Tesla himself had an accident in which a device of his set off a small quake.  Also, you can use ultra low frequency waves, with much much lower amplitudes of energy than HAARP and it's sister can create, to produce an underground radar image of the rock below us.  Oil, coal, natural gas, and other mining companies use this technology all the time to sent ultra low frequencies into the ground beneath us, and those waves reflect back in different waves from different materials down there.  From this, you can interpret what is down there, be it oil, or whatever.  You can often tell what it is, and mostly, how bit it is.

Well, when they've used this technology, they let these machines be left on, imaging the ground beneath them, for too long, near a fault.  They've accidentally set off earthquakes with these devices.  Yes, the earthquakes we're small, but none the less, outside companies have accidentally discovered the potential for triggering earthquakes with their devices.  And these devices only have the energy potential of maybe at most 1/100th the energy potential of HAARP and it's sister.  Most likely they are much less strong than 1/100th the strenghth of HAARP and it's sister. 

Just before the quake in Haiti, a Russian boat was in the area.  It's sensors picked up insanely powerful Electromagnetic waves.  It was sensing HAARP raining death down on Haiti.  I am certain that it is likely that other sensors could have picked up the EM waves near chile, new zealand, and i'm certain Japan had such technological sensors that could feel HAARP shooting energy at them.  Just haven't yet found a source for any sensors that picked up these energies before the quakes yet. 

Not only that, but a congressional document I saw in my research, showed congress approoving funds for HAARP to use.  Part of the funds we're being allocated and set aside for HAARP to conduct research into "deep trigger research." 

What else are you going to "trigger" down deep, besides an earthquake?  A geyser?  A volcano?  Nah, they didn't even bother to hide from congress that they we're going to study how to trigger earthquakes with these funds. 

Another piece of evicence, too large to deny.  The four earthquakes I've mentioned, Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and Japan.  All of these earthquakes epicenteres we're at a depth of less than 10Km below the surface.  However, only 8-10 percent of earthquakes occur with an epicenter at a depth of less than 10Km.  And the big quakes, like these 4 we're, are always deep.  These new shalow surface large quakes are an unheard of breed.  Because they're not being triggered by natural sources.  Naturally, this crust floats on top of the mantle, and only when the mantle exerts great pressure from underneath the crust, does it cause plates of the crust to rupture and quake.  Thus, the normal method of earthquakes, most frequently triggers quakes at a great depth.  Down closer to the mantle.  Most surface quakes are weaker, as the lighter layers of crust floating on top of all of this, have less weight and force and energy and such bearing down on them.  However, when you trigger a quake with HAARP, it is not the super deep mantle putting energy into the quake, it is energy coming from above the surface of the earth.  Thus the quake is much more shallow. 

Now for some specifics on how these devices work. 

Usually, when you shoot ultra low frequency energy waves at the atmosphere, they just pass out into space.  However, you can make sure that this doesn't happen.  What you do is first, you create a boundary, for the ultra low frequency waves to bounce off of.  Physics teaches that when an energy wave meets a boundary between a less dense material and hits a more dense material, a majority of the energy will be reflected, and a smaller fraction of energy actually protrudes into the higher density material.  Well same holds true for the ionosphere.

You use HAARP first, to create a bubble in the ionosphere.  First, you sent ultra high frequency waves, again, high frequency, not low frequency, towards a specific targeted area in the upper atmosphere.  This creates a giant heating effect of the upper ionosphere, and it creates a giant bubble of hotter air and highly electrically and magnetically charged particles in the upper atmosphere.  This giant bubble, now will act as a reflector to low frequency energies that come towards it, instead of allowing the majority of the waves to pass harmlessly into space.

So now there's a giant mirror in the sky to electromagnetic waves.  Second, now that this bubble is there, now you blast that bubble with ultra "LOW" frequency waves, and they bounce off that bubble, and head back to earth, towards the intended target, frequently an earthquake fault.  You do this for 2 weeks, or there about, then you crank up the power for maybe a day, maybe less, and you can trigger an earthquake.  You use this method to heat the earthquake fault slowly over a long period of time, as these ultra low frequency waves penetrate deep into the earth's crust, and then you blast it with a lot more power for a short time, to finish the job and start the earthquake. 

The pizeoelectric effect explains how electromagnetic energies can make objects exert physical forces.  These physical objects are faults of the earth, being subjected to many billions of watts of energy.  These faults aren't just going to absorb this energy and do nothing.  This energy is going to erupt in a very violent manner.  A shallow epicenter, and very powerful, earthquake.  Exactly what we're experiencing and seeing happen to this world now. 

This explanation of how HAARP can send energy to places on the earth, far beyond the line of sight from the station in Alaska, explains how it's energies can effect storms nearly half the way around the world.  You use a similar method of reflecting energy off of the upper ionosphere with a created bubble, and you can focus energy back down at earth in order to effect storms.  They've been doing this for many many years and have it all figured out how to do what they want to do.  And now they're doing it, using HAARP and it's sister to destroy the world, one hurricane and one earthquake at a time. 

If HAARP truly we're an innocent research facility, then how come they have built two such devices in Alaska.  Sure, for research, there would be no use for more than one device.  Even if they needed two devices for research, I do not believe they have explained or sufficiently explained why exactly they need two devices to conduct their "experiments."  No, these two devices are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction.  And they are allowed to be used in frequent fashion, because their effect seems to be like a "natural disaster."  When these are disasters that are manipulated with very unnatural means. 

I have a thought that this second site was built after their orignal experiments with HAARP.  Thus this second device could have a specific use for being used in tandem with HAARP.  Possibly one device continuously creating and keeping that ionospheric bubble alive, and the second device sending the lower frequency waves bouncing off of this ionospheric bubble, and towards the intended target.  That's just a speculative theory, but I would not be suprised if I later found it to be true.  Unfortunately, the truth about these and other devices will not be known for potentialy decades. 

Still, many would not believe the mass conspiracies that exist in order to set these sorts of things in motion.  Why would anybody intentionally create an earthquake and cause destruction and death in these other countries?  Well, I cannot convince you that these kinds of evil groups exist, but I know that they do.  Again, the bible does not speak of a devil that does not exist.  Those who follow him or follow his followers, are not without great power and great action.  I read in a quote of an old famous American today, and I put his concept in my own words.

"Man is unable to concieve or believe the conspiracy that exists, because the size of the conspiracy dwarfs him so completely, he cannot recognize it exists.  He cannot see past the conspiracy to see anything else, to know that what he is seeing is conspiracy.  The clampdown on mainstream media is so tight, nearly no true truth trickles through.  Thus, he believes nothing but lies the tv injects directly into his brain."

Benjamin Fulford is a truther, adamantly proclaiming the destructive nature of HAARP.  I have actually not even begun to research what he has to say about HAARP.  Except for one interview.  In this interview, he explained how he has been living in Japan for many years.  He has been publishing works on conspiracies, on the Yakuza, and other conspiracies, both about Japan and abroad, in Japanese.  He cannot publish his works in English, or he would most certainly be put to death or his publicatios stopped at the least.  So he's largely gone underground, unable, like the rest of us, to defeat the conspiracy that exists.  These evil men so frequently kill men who stand out against them.  The rest are scared into hiding. 

In this interview, Benjamin talked of why Japan was targeted by HAARP.  It's simple really.  The New World Order demands absolute control.  This secret government was demanding to have near full control over the Japanese government, but the Japanese would not submit.  They would not lose their soverignity.  What freedom they had left.  The secret government threatened them, likely multiple times.  Still the Japanese would not break.  So they unleashed their threat, they unleashed the death that HAARP brings.  And now we can see the result.  Likely 15K dead japanese from the initial quake and tsunami.  Countless wounded as well.  And the results of the radiation leakage from the nuclear reactors will kill and maim many many more to come. 

For those not up to date on the current status of the nuclear plant.  Some of the latest news is that reactor number 3 was loaded with MOX fuel about 4 months before the quake.  MOX fuel includes a mixture of plutonium.  This fuel is 2 million times more deadly than regular uranium fuel. 

Monday March 21st, it was reported that white smoke billowed from reactor number 3.  Wednesday March 23rd, it was reported that black smoke billowed from the same reactor.  I do not know how long or how many hours these smoke plumes existed.  But it seems evident that this unimaginably lethal radiation from this MOX fuel is leaking.  Reports are indicating that the radiation leakage of the plant, is roughtly 73% of the strenghth of the radiation leakage of the Chernobyl plant disaster. 

This is just too sad.  And worst is, HAARP is not over.  I believe it is heavilly responsible for the prophecies about 2012. 

So, I apologize for the lenghth of this, just wanted to be fully informative. 
Anybody wanna comment and talk?  Anybody believe what I believe?  Anybody believe that I believe lies?  That Japan and other disasters we're natural and just a fluke?

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like, dude…

i was here when the quake happened.

i am not japanese.

i am not native american.

i am not african.

i am not jewish.

please do not write false sympathies for people you
have no contact with.

your ignorance is worthy of a natural disaster.


and do not go out and shoot up people. really.

thanks for the rate up craazzeecalamity.

Please watch this video and realize that he's basically talking about you:<br /><br />
<br />
There simply isn't time to unpack what you've written here and point out all of your errors, but this is a great example of being "fractally wrong" (Google it). I don't doubt your sincerity, but almost nothing you've said here is even vaguely grounded in reality. You've started from a position of paranoia and profound scientific ignorance, read a couple of conspiracy sites (and possibly a Jesse Ventura TV show or two), and bought into this wild fantasy world that makes the plots of GI Joe cartoons look positively reasonable.<br />
<br />
I'm sure it's very exciting to be "in the know" on this dark conspiracy, but it just isn't so. Your conclusions are unglued, and the "evidence" you site is completely fabricated fiction that you're repeating from conspiracy story sites. You've also had to ignore basic facts that completely shoot down your fantasies. (I'm not just referring to your HAARP story here, but to the other fantasies you've mentioned elsewhere.) A little bit of skepticism and a little bit of actual science education would change your life for the better. However, I don't expect you to listen to a word I've said here since (as the video I linked to points out) you've probably already classified me as either one of the "blind sheeple" or as one of the "evil conspirators".<br />
<br />
I wish you luck. I really do.