Click, Double Click

It all began with an innocent double click on a profile, wanting to be nice to a fellow American. His reply was simple, “hello!”  That first hello was followed by conversations that I have never experienced before and most likely never will again. If I were to die tomorrow I am a much happier person than I was before I met him.
All of those conversations were eventually followed with yet another set of clicks and with that I had a picture of him in front of me. There he stood in front of me and all the emotions flooded me; it was something I hadn’t expected in the beginning and at that point I still wasn’t sure if it was real. My heart was beating fast and my palms were sweaty. I felt like  I was the teenager meeting the hottest guy in school and he asked me out on the spot.
Waiting and wondering… talking and fantasizing.  I allowed my mind to form pictures for me about what he would look like out of that uniform. This thought consumed much of my waking hours and followed me into my dreams at night.  Then one day I hear the familiar chime on my phone and there before me is a picture message from him.  I open it to find the most beautiful body I have ever seen,  My eyes grew wide, mouth dropped open, the space deep within me became instantly wet and began to throb with longing.  I stared unashamedly at the picture-filled screen, moving in as close as I could before the photograph disappears into a mass of colored pixels.  Here he was, the man I loved in all his masculine glory. Now what would I do with it?

Today I have the man in my real life. Long gone are the days where a few words on the screen are all that connect us. We have voices and flesh to make our fantasies even more beautiful in reality. I close my eyes and I see him standing next to the disheveled bed that he helped me rumple earlier today.   He is wearing the uniform that always makes me lose control. And of course he is smiling that boyishly cheeky grin.   I picture his hand leading me toward the shower as I remove my clothes. Oh yes, sometimes reality is so much better than fantasy. And I guess you could say he had me at "hello!"


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You lucky, lucky, lucky girl :) He sounds amazing and from all I know he is just as lucky to have you in his life! :)

What a delightful and romantic story. I like the video also

In my 30s.

I guess that just seems so late to me because I had such a headstart in life....

Yes, well you kiss a lot of frogs to find your fertile toad... umm I mean prince lol.

Very sweet... I'm not as romantic minded as my wife, but I am always happy to hear that others are happy! very sweet. How old were you when you uhh..... "clicked"?

In what way? He is tall... very tall with beautiful eyes. He is big as well in all ways although he is not overweight.

A beautiful me goosebumps.....I'm so happy for you both....

I hope you get the happy ending.

Sooooo close to home for me but I don't have the happy ending ... Just trying to "chill" atm. Congrats and best wishes for a lifetime of love, happiness and adventure!!!

Dreams can come true :) written with colour and passion.

Sounds saucy :O)

No available brothers lol

Never too old to try. :)

I wonder if 46 is too old to sign up? The thought of a woman like yourself lusting after me is almost enough to make me want to try! ;)

I hope you get it too.

i hope to find a woman like that in real life, some day.

It's a beautiful story. I'm really happy for you!

The story left a SMILE in my Heart :-)<br />
<br />
and<br />

First of all vivek95 rape is NOT love and if you are considering doing that to her then IMO you do NOT love her and only lust after her. Rape is a violent act and in no way has to do with love. I would suggest you NOT rape anyone; that would be my advice.

I love a girl and i want to kiss her ***...but she doesn't love me.she loved other boy and the boy also raped her...though i love her...i am mad to rape what can i do?

That's ok the Lord will help us. nd its well with

Thanks y'all. dance with us

I am so happy for you:-) I too met my love online and we've been together for 5 years. I hope one day to celebrate 50 years or even more together. I hope you can too.

I can only hope so jag

Beautiful girl. I'm sure you make him feel just as special.

i feel that way every day Lena.

Aww thanks Stony

The gentleman is very fortunate.

Thanks akhil.

beautifully penned and so inspiring for someone like who dream of meeting my soulmate and love online

Thanks y'all. I appreciate your comments.

Awwwwww...just awwww..TOTALLY beautiful!! I love reading stories like this.....This is what makes ep so great! You guys ROCK!! What a great inspiration for folks hoping to meet that special someone online too! hugs and hugs ♥

Thanks y'all

Thank you Jonole. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.