Exchanging pleasantries when you see someone has long become a thing of the past with our busy lives and self absorption. There used to be a time when you came upon someone that a simple "head nod" acknowledged that you at least "saw" them and was an unspoken "Hello." No so anymore. It used to be that when you held the door open for someone with their hands full they would say, "oh, thank you." No so much anymore. I really hate it when I see another man walking up to a door and waiting for the woman who was their first to open it and then just walk in like "well she was their first." What the "Frack" ever happened to chivalry? It's not that you don't think the woman is capable of opening it for herself, she is just as able as you are. That is not the point. Whatever happened to "letting a man be a man" sometimes if given half a chance? I'm not talking about the "bums" either they don't count. LOL What ever happened to smiling at someone occasionally? Sometimes a smile can give someone the "lift" they need to make the day. A smile doesn't cost you anything and you may even feel better yourself for doing it. When I watch 20/20's "What Would You Do" sometimes it really ****** me off on several levels! First, what the "Frack" ever happened to minding your own business? Two, sometimes getting involved can "exacerbate" an otherwise "benign" situation. People can get hurt or worse. Three, I know there are exceptional times when an "intervention" is necessary, but when that time comes around "where the hell are all the men?" Why does it seem that most often it is the women who come to the rescue first and sometimes without any back up? Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with women doing for themselves, but that's what men are for, they are supposed to be the first string of defense not the back up team. Perhaps some men just afraid they will get hurt I guess? But why are the men busy keeping their heads up their azzes until someone makes it known something is going down? Why aren't they paying attention any more to what is happening around them? I'm not one to but into other people's business, but the world is so far out of balance now that the adults need to step up, reel it back in and be an example for others. There are a lot of people out there who are posing at being grownups but aren't. Obviously, so many out there just don't know how to act or care how they act. Enough is enough. People need each other to make them better people. So many people aren't capable of behaving like grownups with or without someone watching. We need to take our heads out of the sand. I could go on and on, but I will wrap up by saying "it doesn't cost anything to be descent." What if it were you, or some of yours? Would you want someone to be descent to them? Sure you would. Karma is a b*tch! Think about it.
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I agree wholeheartedly. I've noticed this to be the case more with women that I've known and would see again. It comes across as rude and would make me feel self conscious, as though it's me they don't like. This doesn't seem to be the case so much with men. I don't let it bother me anymore, and refuse to behave in the same stuck-up manner. As for strangers on the street, I've realized that sugar makes the whole world sweeter and I like to give a small smile and say hello if our eyes meet. I never expect anyone to hold the door for me, but when someone does, they get a huge smile and a Thank You! I am a woman and if I'm in the position, I will hold the door for a man or a woman, and will rush to do so if they are carrying something. It would make everyone's life better if everyone followed in kind. Smiling and saying hello to a stranger makes you feel confident, and a little rubs off into them. And if the stranger is very attractive and gives you a nice smile in return, you might even get a little tingle up your spine! Have a nice day! :-)