Sometimes Hunger Out Ways The Heart And Sometimes Not..then I Don't Know?

I want want want it would seem, all the time. I want dreams. I want goals to be reached. I want respect. I want to attain. I want admiration. I want appreciation. I want friends. I want love. Sometimes I get what I want and other times be left wanting?
My needs are simple, (I would like to think?) food & shelter. And I fill them without question, because today I am truely blessed.
Most times I am unaware of the feelings of joy or disappointment, not blind, mearly dull to them? When these moments come and go with and like the season's of my life, I can be guilty (like many) of not "smelling the roses"?
Today someone picked me up from the airport and showed me an act of kindness that I have been wanting and maybe needing. I want/need to be loved occasionally, not showered with or dodded over. No, mearly a random act of love, unexpected and completely appreciated kind of love.
Today I am aware of what a good mood I am in, today everything was more vibrant in my life. All because someone that I want/need to love me, took a little time out for me.
I firmly believe that the stomache need's and the heart want's and I always try to follow my heart....but when you combine the two, THAT'S when life becomes just a little bit brighter, THAT'S when the roses JUMP UP AND PUNCH YOU, right in the nose!
Hummm, It really doesn't take much to make my happy....How great would it be to have that everyday???
mgtour mgtour
36-40, M
Jul 15, 2010