He works out of town for two weeks. When he's home I do give him his space. But he's gone early in the morning, sometimes till noon. He goes out a lot. I stay home a lot. We have a new baby and I breastfeed. So yeah I should be home more. But I can still go out at least once a week. I wish he would find a babysitter and take me out or spend time with us during the day. Sometimes when I talk to him he doesn't even response. When I see him talking to his friends he try's to make jokes conversation just flows out of him. He says I'm always miserable. But when I try to make convo with him it's just a one word answer. Then I get frustrated and sad. I want to cry and ask him what I'm doing wrong. I feel abandoned. I'm starting to feel like I don't want him around. I'm better off being alone so in not always waiting on him.
HushedThoughts HushedThoughts
Aug 15, 2014