What's Important

And sometimes I just want to matter.

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Kitten, I have to admit that sometimes I firmly believe a thank you is in order. There are times when a thank you isn't necessary. But when the flags start flying and all the clues are there that you are being used, it's time to say buh-bye and good luck. I know that you have experienced this same feeling, as sad and discouraging as it may be at the time.

dain, thanks so much. I don't give to people for any need of praise, and only offer it if it's sincere, although I have to admit that sometimes I need to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Is that selfish? *sigh* I guess it is, but, still, I'm human. I guess sometimes the efforts may go unnoticed and often misunderstood, but my hope is that in the end, I did my part to help along the way.

Hey, just go look at my photo shoot. That can turn any day around! I'm glad I make you smile.

Thank you! Haha, Pedro, I'm laughing because maybe you're on to something. My family can't log on and off so easily. I should hand them one of those easy buttons.

Same to you, bettybutton. Thank you so much.

mtvlm, I forgot to say you're right, I do love it. =)<br />
thanks, dope. :)

mtvlm, thank you. I think we all need a little reassurance sometimes.

Know I am a little late in getting to this one but I think you will love it all the same.<br />
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FG has an experience that I have added when I first started reading Myonis stories and I have to fully agree with it.<br />
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I think Myonis108 is one fabulous chica.<br />
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Nough said.


Thanks, UC. I think we all feel a little underappreciated sometimes...

Thanks, TDK. I was pretty down that night. In all honesty, I guess I just need to hear it more, so this is very much appreciated.