Comments Can Be Taken the Wrong Way....

My feelings are my own. They are a very BIG part of me. I have been sharing stories about my life, my past, my hopes, my dreams, & what I hope will be my future.
So why are there people here that just need to **** on other people. Before you write a comment that you know is not going to be well received, why not think about why you're writing it. Are you doing it because you're pissed at someone & need a way to release it? Do you really disagree with the way the author is feeling or thinking? Fine, but how bout finding a nice way to put it instead of putting them down or saying that their feelings aren't real. How the HELL would you know? Are you that person? Do you know their heart, soul, mind? I didn't think so!!
Because of comments I've gotten on a couple of my stories over the last day or two, I no longer feel like I can be freely me here. That hurts. I have a right to my feelings & I shouldn't have to worry about being attacked for them. Maybe it's not love, but that's for me & whoever else it effects. It is NOT for you to judge. You don't know me!! If it's a mistake, well, it's MINE to make, so don't worry about it!
I HATE that I don't feel the way I did before about this place. It really hurts.

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Mar 25, 2009