Wife Wears T Shirt And Panties

Althought she has no intention at all my wife is quite an exhibitionist. I call her a natural exhibitionist because she simply hates wearing many clothes, especially when she is at home!! I have loved watching over the years all of our neighbors and there sons, friends, and pretty much anyone that has ever been in or near our house including delivery men!! Her huge triple ddd breasts and bubble butt is hard to hide!! When he is at home she usually wears white t shirt or white tank no bra and if it is not a long shirt she will wear panties. If the shirt is long enough she sometimes goes without panties. Although i wish she did this with intention of teasing she truly does not. When we have company or a neighbor stops by she does bot throw on pants or anything. She doesnt care who stops by. I love it!!! Anyone else wear only t shirt and panties at home even if husband has friends or neighbors over?
Luckyhusband2001 Luckyhusband2001
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

When she was much much younger before we met it was even hotter!!! She said the number of guys that has seen her naked is in the hundreds or thousands!!!!

Even if she doesnt do it on purpose, you can still enjoy the effects she has on all the visitors.

I love there reactions!!!