Being Alone, Without Someone...........

It makes me do stupid things, like..........

  • Get in touch with my ex & pretty much beg him to come back (yep did that the last time we broke up)
  • Have a guy be nice to me & scare him away because I opened my heart too fast.
  • Become a pathetic woman who doesn't know the difference between wanting friendship & wanting more.
  • Beg for someone, anyone to love me.
  • And then wonder why everyone scatters, but the guys lookin' for cybersex....... FORGET IT! I'LL NEVER BE THAT HARD UP!!!
  • Becomes a prude in the bedroom because of one parting shot from another ex & so needs CONSTANT reassurance. That has got to be so ANNOYING!

Thinking how sweet & loving I really am was nice while it lasted. Who knows, maybe one of these days it'll stay longer than 24 hours.....I hate being depressed........I really hate that I ALLOW my mind to do this........every FRIGGIN' time!

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Forget the bedroom for a bit and focus on a friendship with the guy......develop interests that will endure time.<br />
<br />
develop a friendship the way you would with a girlfriend, without the constant pressure to go to bed.<br />
<br />
once the friendship is in place, the rest will follow.<br />
<br />
think of it as donating a kidney....... would you do that for someone you knew for a week? then why would you undervalue yourself and go to bed with someone early in the relationship.<br />
<br />
if the guy won't wait and puts on the pressure....then he has just revealed his true colors.......he's in the meat market not the relationship market.

Well that's why you have to be patient. You're still "grieving" your relationship that you had with Shane. You need to give it some time, until you're ready emotionally to give your all in a healthy relationship!<br />
And never forget girl, you ARE worthy! <br />
<br />
You should pray about it! God knows where your soul-mate is. :)

You need to be patient. The right guy is out there, but he's not going to fall in your lap. <br />
<br />
You need to love yourself before you find him! How can you offer somone love in a good healthy relationship, if you can't even love yourself?<br />
<br />
Don't let being alone, give you bad judgement! Don't get in touch with your ex and don't beg! <br />
<br />
Hold your head up high and proud! There's plenty of reasons for people to love you! <br />
<br />
But it starts with you.......:)