Last week I was in the mountains hiking with my best friend. After five days of fab weather and nice views we were returning to base camp. On the way down we passed through the tree line and ended up in a swamp like area. Lots of light and darker clay type mud. At one point we stopped to cook some food and rest. While sitting there I commented that my friend was very dirty as the mud had splattered him all the way to the waist. He told me that he didn't mind getting dirty, and while we were eating he came up with the idea that both of us should get completely muddy and walk into base camp like that. For some reason the idea of getting completely muddy in my clothes sounded exiting. My friend looked around where we were sitting and pointed to a huge mud puddle. No idea how deep or thick, but he dared me to go first and test it.

I was getting really nervous about it. Not because the depth of the mud, but rather because i suddenly realized that i was exited about getting dirty. A forbidden feeling from being a kid almost. And I went over to the edge of the mud and just stood there mesmerized by the floating gungey mess. My hiking boots were already sinking down and the dirty water flooded over the top. I could hear my friend talking but not a word he said. I was too exited. I was wearing my jeans overalls and a faded grey hoodie. The water in my boots were really cold, but refreshing and so crazy nice. I stepped into the mud and immediately sank to just above my knees. My friend was laughing behind me, but I only had eyes and ears for the way my jeans looked so clean above the mud, knowing how dirty they were under the surface. In an instant I decided and sank down on my knees, feeling the mud hug my legs and butt. Wow!!! My, what a feeling. I stuck my hands into it and my friend commented that it looked like i enjoyed it.
Hmm, yeah i do... I think I told him it felt nice and naughty (or similar). I opened the buttons in the side of my overalls to let the mud flow inside, and it felt like heaven. Such an amazing feeling. Without any hesitation I sank deeper and put my legs out in front of me under the mud. I went down in it to my neck and by now my friend just stood there watching. His voice was kind of hoarse when he said that it looks cool and could he join? I told him to canon ball into the pit and he decided to take a flying start and ended up inches from my face, splattering mud everywhere. We were both laughing, but at the same time I realized that I was way too exited.

Suddenly I wished I was alone. I wanted to really go crazy in the mud, dunk my head, roll around, fill my clothes and just be one with the mess. My friend waded over in his trashed clothes and I allowed him to pull up my hood, which by now had half filled with mud. Oh man, the way that felt. The mud running down my face and destroying my blond hair. He sat down next to me, and I grabbed a few scopes and got his face and hair covered.
Then he popped the question; do I really like getting muddy? Well, honesty is best among friends so I told him that it felt really good and that I wanted to play in it before carrying on. Then he just laughed and told me to do it. Go crazy, play in it. Since I was already totally covered, he said.

I went out of the pit and jumped back in, Rolled and crawled in it and just felt my clothes filling with the high viscosity mud. I dunked my head a few times and was way way exited. And at that moment, completely soaked and covered in mud, we were passed by two other mountaineers. They stopped and asked if we were in trouble before laughing and looking weird at us. We stood up in the pit, mud dripping from us while they were laughing, and in a way that was exiting too, being sort of humiliated I guess.

We sat down in it again and I played for a while longer before we finally sloshed on towards the base. I know for sure it was not my last time in the mud. Wow guys...

Mud forever.
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Aug 22, 2014