I Thought Everything Was Just A Dream

our house were flooded deep high last tuesday night.good thing i were able to  save our appliances but our  foods and  some heavy appliances got flooded down the living area.It rained too hard leaving houses, cars, building submerged in muddy floodwaters. People were dying left and right while some were left in the rooftops of their house waiting for rescue. We were all caught unprepared and I thought that we cannot do anything but to ask for divine intervention.
Me and my kids has a couple of near death experiences last tuesday. We even survived a night and a day without eating anything. I’m not proud of that fact instead, I’m thankful that we’re still alive. While most part of the metro is submerged in floodwaters.
The damaged it left inside/outside our house put me down on my knees.
It was a horrible experienced

I had nothing to do but to pray.

genglicious genglicious
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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

i know that you wrote this almost a year ago, but i am sooo sorry that you and your kids had to go through this.