So Dam Wrong



   My bf and me had some what we thought were friends over last night, turned out they aren't friends at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so ******* wrong that our company was drunk to begin with but it got even worse, when our company started attacking my bf's and my religous belifes out of no where, its even more ******* wrong that our company attacked mf bf's dead parents, not too mention they even attacked his life style!!!!!!!! Too me its bull ****, our company was so dam drunk that they almost started a fist fight with my bf, I stood in front of my bf ( whoes 5'11 and I am 5'8), I told our company if u gonna hit anyone its gonne be me and I was standing in front of my bf, I was like then when u go to prison for beating a woman whoes protecting her man they will kick our *** if not kill u, so I would back down if I were u or the police is gonna get called, our company backed down! These idots that came over had the nerve too ask me if I would drive them home, I said HELL NO, not after the way ur treating my bf and what he has been through in life, not after u attacked his dead parents, and sure not the hell after u started this **** and almost tried to physically hurt my bf who, if our idot company throw a physical punch I would've been hit, I do NOT care I love my bf that much too keep him protected! My bf said he felt bad about me telling them too walk home, but I was like baby i love u so mcuh that I would take a punch, a blow, or my life for u and u have no right too feel bad, baby u should feel good because they attacked u in some many ways and in our home and it isn't right they got waht they derserd and now we just pray for them and stay away from them from now on!! My bf looked at me and said " I knew  u would take ur life for me I never have douted it, but too take a blow for me is even stronger than a life too me, then he said baby I love u and I have no dout u are my soul mate"!!! My bf said that too me and it made me smile that we ar eon the same page u know? My bf has learned that I am NOT kidding around when it comes too protecting others when things or **** liks happens, he seems to still be in shock about how much I was wiling to take the risks of geting hurt seoursily from our idot compnay to protect him!




Decateid to my bf, the love of my life, best friend, & soulmate Frank, love u forever!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

That's what soulmates are for! Those people sound like real jerks.