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My teen has a deficiency that causes the enamel to come off of her teeth. She had trouble in Kindergarten and they were actually going to remove a few back then but we were in an accident that knocked them out. From there she got her big girl teeth but suddenly it began to happen to those. She's been embarrassed about her smile for sometime and we were turned away from several dentists who felt it was too much for them to handle.... until

It was in December when I broke into my daughters myspace. I check it regularly to keep an eye on her and the pervs. While surfing through it I found a friends and then something caught my eye, my friend had a friend who is a dentist. I don't know what made me go to his page but I did and was very impressed about his humanitarianism in other countries. I decided to email him for advice and plead my case. He turned out to be very nice and invited us into his office for free Xrays and an exam.

I understand that he can't do it all for free but today, on her third visit, he gave her back the greatest gift ever, her smile! She cried when she looked in the mirror as did I. We aren't finished yet, lots more to go, but after almost two hours and $450 that I'd saved up, she is already showing that beautiful smile. They also asked her to come back for some more touch ups on todays work at no additional charge and he gave her a very expensive electric toothbrush on top of it all.

I missed that smile and he's getting more than a great big thank you hug!

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That is a great gift for you as well as your daughter.....THANK GOD, there are still people out there that have a heart for a girl that needed her smile restored.<br />
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yeah that's when old russian guy goes missing... i tell the teens little bf's that I have access to over 10,000 cars, most of which have trunks and there is a LOT of water here in Florida yet to be explored! I don't take well to ppl messing with my babies! Car could use a new hood ornament! These kids think they are untouchable!

Yeah I got busted! I'd never sent an email on myspace before and in my excitement I fogot to delete the sent messages. She found out but it was worth it. She knows that I keep an eye on her and have others who do as well. You can never be too safe and I've had to threaten ppl before on there and in the real world. She's a cutie but thinks she can hold her own against anyone...

What a great gift you've both given her. I spent most of my life being self conscious about my teeth. When I was 37, I began orthodontic treatment. Two and half years later I had a smile I could be proud of. I wish I'd done it sooner.