Well I Am Here.....honestly

I am a man who had treated, who i thought was the love of my life like a princess!.I loved making her feel great, soft kisses, a tender touch, compliments , trying all kinds of new foods , cooking every meal everyday.Massaging her body , kissing her all over, delighting in her soft gentle sighs.

Being there whenever she needed anything, romantic impulsive times away.....And all for nothing...i loved ,she had an affair!

So if you are looking for a man, who will truly make you happy.........I'M HERE! ...x

and i'm lonely ..so please don't hesitate!
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You sound like you treated her great I am sooooi sorry sir

I feel you on this.. although I am much younger, I had a similar experience.. Putting so much time & love & care into this girl that would just find excuses why it wasnt enough.. I did so much for her.. Believed in her everytime she begged me, even when I knew she wouldn't keep the promise. Made her feel so beautiful & loved... Come to find out she was a hypacrit and would always find a reason to negate what I've done or what she's done and blame me for it. Guess I should have seen it coming, but geez... i finally find out and it crushed me. Now im terrified to be alone, since I was alone my whole life till Her and I cant go back there.. but here I am. I got so depressed from all this & constantly being abandoned at home with no word from her... Now I've become a shut-in and fear I'll never be able to share with anyone the beauty & love I still have yet to give.. and I can't get her out of my thoughts

i understand ..the philosophy, i'm not afraid to be alone,. I used to quite enjoy my alone time,the difference was i knew, that it was only for an evening or , a few hours. I have been alone before in my life.However after not being alone for maybe 17 years . It is not something that i am growing accustom to.My house was wife and two kids , hustle and bustle , and comfort.Now it is me and one child , mother and other child gone.It is so incredibly strange.<br />
<br />
I would much prefare to cuddle on the sofa with someone, fall asleep together, and wake up with a loving kiss, rather than home alone , young daughter in bed ,<br />
And YES lonely, and agree i don't want a woman to be my everything, i just want someone who together WE can be complete!

hi bobo...maybe i should have my cake for a while! I 'm not a total dreamer, i did have that feeling with my wife , but then she changed.
I don't need a fairy tale ending...just a splash of romance with a dash of happiness will do just fine . :)