When You Fall In Love :) A Princess You Should Be

I have always been a hopeless romantic and have worn my heart on my sleeve all my life.

A woman should know her man should not be a player to start. How can he treat you well as a person and show you the love and tenderness you deserve if he is.

Next - avoid drunks, druggies, men with ego and other self interests.

What to look for - Men who are actually attentive to you, a man who reaches for your hand and wants it always, to spend time with you and not just in bed even tho its a huge plus if he desires you that way also. You can see it in his eyes that his gaze is always on you and will nearly never have an interest in even looking at another woman.

Its not about the damn money - If the guy is well off then he can spend as he wishes but that is only a material gift to garner your favor.
If you only care about money or things of that nature then good luck finding a man that will treat you as the "princess" since he will avoid you at all costs. The guys who have dealt with the money grubbers end up losing their numbers shortly after sex if they bother to even take you to bed to begin with because you have nothing more to offer in their life.

Woman always ask - Where are all the good guys at???!!! Answer: You walk right by them and dont even give them a second look.
Most are hard working because they care about themselves and dont mind getting dirty to make things happen.
I use to be quite well off before the market crash and divorce there after. That is another story. But you would never know that I had money since I loved to work and many weeks in a year would be over 100 hours. Yet another story in itself.

If you want to find love then open your heart even if its been ripped out and tossed on the road and run over for the thousand time. It has happened to all of us.Time to pick ourselves up and look forward to the right person once again.

I have always wanted my woman's hand in mine, love to cuddle with her, do fun and naughty things and just be close to her as much as I am available to be there. My day starts like this: a kiss and caress along my woman's body with a few sweet words. If time permits I make breakfast. More often than not a call during the day to see how she is doing and get an idea of what we might want to do when my day is done. Always at night again a warm kiss and tender words good night and hopefully in each others arm before our eyes close.

If you need advice or more info feel free to request it. And yes I am single and looking,,, hmm what a weird feeling after being married for 14 years.

Best of luck to everyone and have a wonderful day :)
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That was sooooo beautiful

Thanks alot for the advice! It was very well written